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  2. Hi Matt, Did you manage to source the pins / bushes, I have exactly the same advisories for a 3.0L 2004 Alphard. Thanks, Jim
  3. Yes, same here also Impressed with how quickly it can cool such a big space as the van.
  4. Ok, Thanks, slightly different situation to me then! … well, I’ll still have a look at the price for adding a 17 yr old to the Alphard policy. Cheers.
  5. My cars pcp deal is up in November and I’m considering upgrading to the alphard hybrid. Does anyone know and dealerships in Scotland that would do this?
  6. Sorry vj did not c yr post until tidy she is 40 Mike
  7. Yesterday
  8. Just put a multimeter on the battery whilst each door is open and see if the voltage drops, even by a small amount. My guess is That if the key is not in the ignition then there will be no battery drain whether doors are open or not.
  9. Thanks for letting me join your august body of enthusiasts. I am a very new Alphard owner and have found a number of things a little puzzling especially the fussy electric doors and how to ensure that everything is shut sufficiently so I don't deplete my battery!!! I am hoping to use the van for camping and was wondering if you can avoid the alarm being set once you take the key out of the ignition. I have noticed that as soon as the key comes out the little red flashing car appears. I know that is an immobiliser but will it act as an alarm only if locked? I know this sounds a bit daft but have got myself a little confused by the whole thing. Help would be appreciated. With the camping theme at the forefront of my mind can I, for instance, park the car and have the back door open without draining the battery or is this only something that affects the battery if you have the car locked. And will having the electric door open, after turning off the car, deplete the battery. Many thanks for your help. Craig - new member
  10. Hi am trying to find out what coolant should I be using in my Toyota vellfire 2.4 petrol 2008 ? Would appreciate any advice no one seems to know.
  11. Just bought a Alphard with the air con preferred to a dvd option. Salesman said be vigilant with the water as it drops a litre using it.
  12. Last week
  13. Hello all- I’ve just bought a 2003 camper conversion and it has a body kit fitted around the lower of the vehicle. I believe it is a factory “aero kit” option. I’m looking for some attachment clips that press into the steel panels as a few are broken. Any idea where they are in the catalogue or what the part number is ? Thanks
  14. Good afternoon! I test drive another Alphard and with the weather we have had I'm really impressed with the aircon in the cars, is this a sign that the alphards aircon systems usually last a long time, I didn't want to get back out of it 😂
  15. Hi Alfie. Thanks for your reply. Yeah i have been chasing them and getting no where tbh. I think given that it has been 3 weeks since I first made contact and I cant seem to get a response from them (they just repeatedly send me their TCS&Cs I am going to look for another option. Anyone else you could suggest?
  16. To prove the mileage(without BIMTA certificate) you can ask for the auction paperwork or buy own report from https://carvx.jp/ . It's basically car history pulled from Japanese Ministry of Transport Database.
  17. I'm looking for wheel spacers. Does anyone know good ones for the BONOSS forged active cooling wheel spacers? Can anyone tell me what is the difference between it and the common wheel spacers in the market?I'm not ready to buy wider tires yet. I would also like to know the pros and cons with having spacers before I buy, thanks.
  18. Would also like a model with a timing chain as apposed to the belt
  19. Just picked up this 05 alphard V. I'm over in Canada. Few things I need to work out. Just did a 1400km trip home with it. V6 awd. Found cruise is limited to 110kph. Was able to pair bt for calls, just need to work on music. Have a look! Also looking to translate the stickers in the glovebox, to see if timing chain has been done. It's at 117k.
  20. I don't have any of the rails available sorry.
  21. Hello, what did you do here? We’ve have the same issue and not sure if we should purchase the vehicle. How do we prove it’s actual mileage?
  22. The link provided by nov is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC (provided you have patience and can read mechanical drawings). Thank you nov, amazing source of official information.
  23. I have a 2006 3 litre V6 with the 5 speed. Wonderful on motorways. I usually travel at 60mph. Many earlier vehicles Pre 2005) have 4 speed and later than 2008 have 6 speed. What year are you considering ? I doubt that there is much difference in gas mileage. Cambelts do need changing at 100k, or every 10 years, according to my local Toyota Dealer. Water pump at the same time. £522 plus VAT at my local dealer. The cost of two extra plugs is not, IMHO, a reason not to buy a V6 The V6 fitted to pre 2008 is a non interference engine, so should the cambelt fail the valves will not hit the pistons and wreck the engine. If the engine drops a valve that is a different matter! Hope this helps.
  24. I could be interested in the A and B units. Do you have the curtain rails too ?
  25. Two models are the executive lounge and royal lounge 2016/17 and hybrid
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