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  2. Hi Toyota won't program it has it's an import. I have been in contact with a few people and awaiting to here about programming. I have received some instructions on how do you it yourself but it hasn't worked. For reference the links I received/used are below:- https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.independentlocksmiths.com.au/component/joomdoc/Manual/Remote%2520Programming%2520Proceedures/Toyota%2520Prado%2520RAV4%2520Kluger%2520Avensis%2520Tarago%2520Pg%25207E%2520%25207F.pdf/download&ved=2ahUKEwij4ev3jNnhAhUIVrwKHR0UA2MQFjABegQIAxAB&usg=AOvVaw1AmMeGpXmHTz6jrpTtEs_L&cshid=1555590875526 https://itstillruns.com/program-toyota-transponder-chip-key-5054034.html Hope they are useful to someone.
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  4. Using our Alphard as a camper and its great. Does anyone know how to silence the rear sliding door bleepers. Very annoying in the middle of the night if we have to get out to go to the loo!!
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  6. Thanks for the reply i will give them both a try.
  7. ebay and amazon. Thats where i got mine, took 3 days. send them a message asking them.
  8. Anybody know where I can get a handbook or a manual for a 2006 3 litre Alphard? Have looked online but the only place is on Amazon and they are currently unavailable.
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  10. Sound like the mechanism needs a good air blast and clean from dust etc. sometimes it gets clogged up easily when being shipped.
  11. Thanks Djakninn. I will certainly contact this seller.
  12. You could just use the key and a separate remote : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-alphard-noah-estima-SMART-LOCK-fob-2005-to-2008-key/282849166668?hash=item41db1fc54c:g:zngAAOSwAhVahT4Z I bought one from this bloke and programmed it no problem. I think a key from Toyota is mega bucks unfortunately.
  13. Read somewhere that many people get their CDs stuck because of that.. Maybe something to do with label (sticker kind of thing) on the cd? It makes the cd slightly chubbier.. It's a Toyota 56065 on a 2006 hybrid Alphard.. Had no problems with original CDs before, but since I put this on (which is a recording from a musician friend) it hasn't come off yet... It tries to eject a couple of times before a message pops on saying cd error Any ideas? Thanks for your time Alex.. Kind regards Gabriel
  14. we use burn cd's without any issues on ours. what model do you have?
  15. Best bet is Toyota. as sometimes they will struggle to clone it because of the coding at other places.
  16. Hi ALL I have just purchased a 2007 ALPHARD. So far impressed but still learning about the vehicle. The vehicle came with 1 key. I have got spare key cut but only to open the doors. I would like to clone the current remote but would like to know how I can either buy a genuine Toyota key or a decent copy that will program. I can get the car in programming mode after watching some videos but would like to know where I can buy a programmable remote with the correct transponder. I would also like to find some accurate steps to find out how many keys are programmed to the vehicle and to erase them as I don't have them. Can anybody help with buying the correct key (so I can program) or someone who can supply and program a key at a responsible price. Many Thanks A
  17. That's great news Alex! Will that be a change of language for the system as a whole? I'm sure a lot of Alphard owners would be very pleased with that.. including myself at the moment I'm trying to remove a stuck cd from it, had no idea home burned CDs was so despised by the Japanese.. struggling to enjoy the Japanese songs inside the HDD Gabriel
  18. for Towbar, underseal etc use G F Automotive they can point you in the right direction for LPG conversion plus put trackers etc in there for you too
  19. xtrons, pumpkin do good radios but there are a few ebay listings that do the car radios. However i'm currently researching about a firmware update on the radios which i can then change it to english or at least put a english version of the radio software on. (still around 6 months away as i'm waiting on Toyota Japan to release the firmware code for me.)
  20. Hi After a lot of research I've just taken the plunge and am having a 3.0 L MZG imported from Japan with 35,000 miles on the odo. Guessing it will take a couple of months before I'm driving it. Previously I had a 2.5 diesel Bongo for 10 years, a great car which I miss, currently driving a Hiace Van, greta reliability but it's a van! Usual route of a towbar, underseal, and probably LPG conversion. Any recommendations in the Bristol area for LPG? regards Tim
  21. Hello guys! Got a Alphard 2006 hybrid e4 recently.. Been looking into threads and ideas about the satnav and audio system.. Got to the conclusion that it's impossible to change from Japanese to English and update the maps.. would anyone advise on that? If so been thinking to have another unit fitted on, has anyone done, would anyone suggest a particular unit? Obviously wouldn't like to loose the cameras and hybrid info and can't afford the £1900 quote (ouch) I got from cartronics .. Would really appreciate any ideas! Many thanks Gabriel
  22. Hi folks It has now been at 5 mechanics - still not sorted - the code that keeps coming up is PO500 - pointing to speed sensor A - had it changed and the electrics checked and this seems fine. They are now saying that it may be the gearbox - it is in auto electricians and they say that all is good with electrics and they are pointing me towards going to auto gearbox specialist?! I presume this is the CVT you mentioned above - I did some checking myself and it seems the drive belt on the CVT seems to wear out with age?? I suppose the next step is get this checked but they seem to be saying a whole new gearbox needs replacing. I am not an engineer so any advice would be good?? Nightmare!! Cheers David
  23. Hi all ,just recently bought a 2006 3litre and looking to replace the existing stereo with a radio/cd with handsfree /satnav etc. Any ideas of good units .
  24. All sorted now, there was another plug and socket hidden up, all removed,
  25. very nice and tidy we all enjoy such vehicles welcome.
  26. Have you got a code reader? 2.4's are hard to read 98% of the time. I would check the sensors on the exhaust as most of the time they fail and preform such actions.
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