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  2. Thanks for replying. I am having an end kitchen fitted and also toying with having lpg fitted as I believe the 3.0 can be a bit thirsty although not overly concerned about mpg.
  3. Thanks for your response. I've tried and tried but fear I'm going to break it. I'll give it another go though. Just to make sure yours is the same design, did you have to remove the cover plate and 2 screws on the top of the spoiler?
  4. Just under the lamp (bottom side of the lens) there are two clips. you need to insert a small screw driver and loosen them. thats all we did and it popped out.
  5. with a conversion, i would suggest the 3.0L as its a bit more power considering the extra weight you will have.
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  7. Hi I am about to purchase a Toyota Alphard 2.4 hybrid Electric/petrol. Can anyone give me any advice as what to look out for. Many thanks
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  9. Hi. I'm trying to replace the third brake light bulb in the spoiler of my 2003 model. I thought it would be easy by removing the top cover and the 2 screws but the actual lens will still not budge. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. got my insurance quote, got my money sorted and seen two alphards with conversions I like. One is 04 2.4 the other is 04 3.0. Advice/ opinions gratefully accepted..
  11. Hi Ben hope this finds you well? Am advised you have knowledge re abov. Would appreciate any advice you may have. Regards Mal Woods.
  12. I did try that without success using a disc from my UK Corolla Sat Nav which is also a Fujitsu Ten unit, without success.
  13. Beatsonic do adapters to fit aftermarket head units retaining factory audio and cameras but they are pricey £200+ . http://www.world-beatsonic.com/category/search/toyota-search/alphard/
  14. I saw your post noting no-one had replied. I can't help with Thule but thought my experience might helps. I bought a "pukka" Whisperbar Kit from www.roofbox.co.uk for reasonable money and excellent service. Since bought Yakima Kayak carrier from them too. If I remember correctly they have thro-bar and flush versions which use the Alphard anchor points. Checkout www.whisperbar.com.au
  15. High everyone... I need some help please. I bought an Alphard Hybrid Camper in May. Sadly, because of ill health, I am unable to use it. It's a lovely vehicle in top condition. I'm not savvy with placing ads and sending photos, etc. If someone could help me with the wherewithal to do this I would pay a decent commission for their help. Thanks in anticipation ... Quelch
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  17. Thanks MonsterS. Sounds easy. All I need now is to find one that fits!
  18. Yes just a couple of bolts. You need to remove the cowling carfully then its a case of just unbolting and rebolting it.
  19. Hi. We have an '04 model with a rear kitchen conversion. Yes we can operate it from inside with the back door closed if necessary. We went for the rear conversion as it allows us to have the entire width as a bed, as we didn't want to go for a roof conversion. Hope this is of use. Patrick
  20. Hi. I've just bought a 2003 2.4 Alphard with a brand new conversion. It's stunning and in excellent condition but for one thing, the driver seat belt is frayed and needs replacing. It is a sort of cream colour. Any suggestions of where to obtain a replacement as cheap as possible? Will it be easy enough for a fool like me to remove the old and install the new?
  21. Hi , I turn of the power slide door in the night and that stops the bleeper. The switch to do that is on the left hand side of the steering wheel if I remember correctly
  22. you need to remove the door card which can be done via a few screws and job done.
  23. Really looking forward to becoming an Alphard owner. We currently have a hybrid with the same drivetrain as the Alphard and so are familiar with the reliability and comfort. But would value any guidance on the two kitchen formats. For example, with the rear kitchen, can it be operated from inside with the back door closed? If there is anyone in our neck of the woods who could let us have a look; that would be much appreciated.
  24. lambda and o2 sensors have now been changed as said before crankshaft sensor changed have disconected battery left it off over night cleared any fault codes and started afresh wasnt long after starting orange engine ligth came on showing o2 and vvt camshaft sensor faults It went into garage to have new steering rack bushes fitted and although thje management light was on no fault codes were showing on their machine
  25. We have owned a 3L 2002 Alphard for 3 & a half years now & live in Essex. First year with Sky, no problem - no need to claim. From the second year we went with Advance ( who insured us with Ageas) - upon having a no fault (to us) rear ender the other side's insurer (Admiral) wanted to write our vehicle off, we did not want this, Ageas had a proper engineer employed by them work with us, we got a satisfactory repair at no cost to ourselves & no increases in premiums subsequently because of the accident. We are still with Ageas & I sing their praises because Admiral were frankly nasty & Ageas got our claim sorted at their inconvenience & at Admiral's cost!
  26. Hi Ann, there are a bunch of insurance companies at the top of this thread. Tax is around the 250 mark.
  27. Hi im thinking of buying an alphard but finding difficulties in just even getting a quote, and the there is tax! How much would the tax be??? Can anyone advise, my children are all growing up and I’m running out of room, in my Kia carens. Ann
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