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  2. Hi all I’m a new member I have a fresh import Toyota alphard 3.0 v6 unregistered as yet I am a mechanic but was wondering if there is a easy way of changing the rear spark plugs also going to change timing belt and water pump tomorrow I’m sure I’ve seen a guide to that somewhere what other things should I be doing I’ve fully stripped and serviced the breaks today and also under sealing tomorrow as well would like to know what under seal people recommend
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  4. Hope this is ok, I am hoping to buy an Alphard campervan and would appreciate any advice on what to look out for. Are the Hybrid's worth a look at?
  5. Hi, Hope you're all doing well? I've only just come across this group. Thanks for letting me in! I've had a low mileage 4wd 3.0L Alphard G from 2004 for over a year now. I imported it as MPV then had it converted to a camper by Calder Campers, who did an excellent job. It's been great for weekend getaways. Obviously this year's been pretty strange and I've not been able to use it as much as I'd have liked Already fitted it with front and rear cams, Android headunit, proper alarm. Overall though, the Alphard's been great. I'm looking to make it a bit more sure-footed though... would like to upsize the wheels and maybe anti-roll-bars if possible! Cheers, Leon
  6. As it's not increasing BHP, my insurance would add it as a free mod apparently.
  7. Hi. 1 - Yes 2 - excellent on muddy/wet fields 3 - 3L 4 - No
  8. All Seasons Leisure in Newcastle did ours via Calder Campers in Edinburgh (for warranty). They've done a great job, we've had it a year and used it loads.
  9. That's great! I didn't think it'd be possible to put cruise on an Alphard G, Huddersfield just up the road from me too!
  10. Simple answer nope! unless its chipped but then the chip causes lots of issues. best thing to do is call them and ask.
  11. No, the firmware is not being released. so no go on that i'm afriad.
  12. If the car has a timing belt, and is fifteen years old with no history of it being changed, I would definitely have it changed ASAP. This advice is the general advice for any make of car,Japanese or European. Good luck. foursail.
  13. Hi really interested in getting an Alphard there's a place near me Vine Place in Co Durham don't know if anyone's had any dealings with them ? Website "Vine place" Anyway he gets a lot of mainly 05/06 3l Alphards usually between 60-80k on them. I emailed them asking about timing belt as they mention changing it if it's "due" Now I know normally it would be bout 100k before you would change it but these are 15 year old cars! In his reply he states "There is no time interval on Japanese cars. This appears to be designed to keep European service departments busy" I'm a bit skeptical about this reply would anyone agree ? We don't know the history of the car I dare say they don't understand Japanese and won't understand any documents that come with it if any. Am I being paranoid and can enjoy another 30k miles before changing it or be skeptical like me and be worried about deterioration about the belt over that length of time ?
  14. Hello all could some one give me some advice please. The seat behind the pasenger seat turns and lowers to the kerb and returns to its proper place with a passenger in it. My mother did not lift the seat belt of the armrest and proceeded to try and get the seat to lower her out which bent the frame, does anyone know how to fix this or knows some one who can. The metal is two strong to push back by hand. Thank you to all who read this
  15. Hi all, I'm Dipesh, thought I would drop in and say Hi! I've imported a fair few Alphards over the years and currently we have an 06 3.0. Look forward to participating in conversation with you all very soon. Regards, Dipesh
  16. Hi Jane n Chris, I'm getting a 2006 V model later this month, I think its the blue gas rather than orange but check the regulator or ask the supplier if unsure. Other posts have recommended a head unit which gives DAB , rear camera and Bluetooth if you want to go that way but I'm going to try the cheaper option first with an adaptor that tunes to an empty FM frequency and Bluetooth connects to your phone for streaming music and radio stations if you've got a decent data package, here's the one I bought https://www.amazon.co.uk/Upgraded-Landscape-NULAXY-Bluetooth-Transmitter/dp/B07L9VZH2Z/ref=mp_s_a_1_45?dchild=1&keywords=bluetooth+car+adaptor&qid=1600016702&sprefix=bluetooth&sr=8-45 Good luck with your new van.
  17. I've had a reasonably good quote from Adrian Flux albeit with a big excess but also Safeguard came in cheaper with a normal excess.
  18. Sparkler53


    We have recently purchased an Alphard and am due to collect next week. Due to the covid restrictions we were not allowed to physically get in the car. Ours is the same year as yours. Could you pleased confirm that the controls are in the middle of the dashboard and not on the steering column? Thank you.
  19. Got my insurance through them yesterday. Very pleased.
  20. Does anybody know anyone who can reset my clock from km to miles on my 2008 Alphard. The importer changed the dial to read in mph but has not changed the clock. I am in Southampton/ Isle of Wight area. Thanks
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