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  2. Does any company make a specific awning for the Alphard or do i need to buy a general third party one and adapt it. Sounds like an idiotic question but we are new owners and are still exploring the possibilities. PM
  3. Newish owner. Where can i buy an inexpensive awning for the Alphard? Is there a special or can i use any low van type of awning
  4. Last week
  5. 👋🏻 New here, almost a week into owning 2006 Alphard 2.4 hybrid 4 we. Bought predominantly to comfortably transport 4 grandchildren and keep them just over arms length 😂 Hope to have future services and/ or issues sorted locally as zero Personal expertise
  6. Nick K, missed your post, sounds interesting, any chance of a picture?
  7. Thanks Patrick, I'll give them a call.
  8. Hi, does anyone know where to get a WiFi box that will mirror what’s on my phone and display it onto the dash of an 02 Alphard, the only ones I can find are on eBay from China with a long postage time and from a seller with really crap reviews. I just want to buy one (that works with an iPhone) from somewhere in the U.K. how can it be so hard to find thanks (sorry if this is an old topic but I’m new to the forum)
  9. Hi.I was in the same situation. Go to keytomycar.co.uk and speak to Paul on 07884 285570 - he's based in Barnstaple. I'm sure he will know someone up your way. Good luck. Patrick
  10. I have just acquired a 2005 Alphard and love it. However, the van came with only one key which is falling into pieces. Where and how can I get hold of a new key and get it programmed, or if that's not possible can I just get a new shell complete to drop the old guts into. I'd be grateful for any info. Dave.
  11. @MonsterS great replies- many thanks as I steal this information as I am about to pull the trigger on one! 3.5 2009
  12. Hi All I have a 3L with 80,000 miles, really happy with it. I'm getting conflicting advice when to change the timing belt. Just wondering If anyone has had experience.
  13. Hello , My Name is Crabby ( nickname my husband has given me as I get very crabby when im tired ) Im a twin mum and have come across the Toyota Alphard while looking for a new car . I have slowly but surly fallen in total love with this car from what I have been researching. Im looking in to buying one in the next few months , our budget isn't very big and I really don't know what I need to look out for. I know I want a hybrid/petrol as we live in London and I dont want to be caught out with the new rules and what not I did have a landcover but had to change it for a Nissan Quashia 7 seater. I hate the car its to small I cant get anyone to fit in the back bar my twin toddlers but even then they hate it . I was just hoping you lovely bunch of people could help me in my search to happiness of loving a car! I hope this finds you all safe and well many thanks and nice to meet you all Crabby
  14. Hi there, I'm Pete and I've just placed an order for a 2007 Alphard 2.4. I just need to wait 8 to 10 weeks whilst it gets converted into a campervan. In fact, I hope I've done the right thing, as I haven't even driven it yet - but I was amazed at how little corrosion there was underneath this newly imported car (no road salt in Japan?). In the meantime, I'd be very interested if anyone has any links to technical documentation as I'd like to carry our my own repairs and servicing. Thanks! 😃
  15. I’ve just ordered one from my local dealer who imports them direct from Japan, only takes a couple of weeks. Jap Autos Southapton.
  16. Has anyone got or seen an Alphard Camper that still has at least 6 seat belts? I'm kind of thinking to leave in the first rear row of 3 seats in and install a 2 seater RR alongside a side kitchen at the rear. Could that work?
  17. I am looking to buy roof bars for my alphard 2003 but having difficultly in getting the fixing kit. What ones are needed for the 2003. Looks like it originally had a factory fitted one.
  18. Hi Suggest you have a look at Vango Cruz inflatable awnings and various fittings eg metallic strip for fixing. Good quality but not cheap!
  19. Earlier
  20. Hi, I am looking for recommendations for a free standing awning to connect to my Alphard campervan? TIA.
  21. Thanks for the reply MonsterS. Looks like the led lights I have got are an aftermarket item (no part numbers or name), eventually I have found some on ebay, not quite the same size but slightly bigger, will have to modify the outer mirror case to fit, hopefully will go ok.
  22. anyone used or know of this dealer - located in Woking
  23. G F Automotive in Bristol will change them. This side of the bridge.
  24. ebay or ask toyota directly. though might cost a bit. or there is always Ben Hau.
  25. Thanks for the reply, I'm still looking if I find anything suitable will link it in this thread
  26. Hi Gip , did you have any joy in finding a garage who could change the timing belt on your 2005 Alphard. im looking at buying a 2007 3 litre model and plan on having belts changed fairly soon as vehicle has 70k miles on clock . live in north of England but happy to travel .
  27. Just noticed the plastic lens covering the led lights in the door mirror is missing. Have tried everywhere to get replacement light unit or cover, but no luck. Anybody got any ideas where to get one?
  28. Hi Dale Are you around this weekend? Let us know if possible. We can sanitize, mask and socially distance. My contact 077604 53664 Cheers Lee
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