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  2. Thanks for the response. Getting hold of a code reader to see if (hopefully) it clears.
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  4. It is the "Hybrid System Warning light" Could be because you let the batteries go flat. I would suggest getting a code reader or having toyota look at it as it may be one battery has died or at the very least it needs the error codes clearning.
  5. Head over to the facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/alphardmart/?fref=nf they can do inline upgrade of exsisting units.
  6. There are a few choices, but most of all I would seek out a recommended installer. However if you want to DIY the job them head over to the Alphard market group on facebook and they can convert the exsisting unit to android or apple play for you.
  7. What type? 3.0l or 2.4? hybrid or non hybrid?
  8. A couple of days ago my Alphard Hybrid would not start as I’d left the internal light on. Charged it up and it started but drove rather strangely, lacking power. Anyway, drove it on a very short run today and it seemed fine but a red car warning light with a red exclamation mark (all very scary) has come on. Anyone know what this is/what to do? All help appreciated
  9. Hi there. Nearly new owner of a 3.0L 2003 Alphard camper in Cornwall. Trying to understand my options for replacement stereo. I'm after a mechless with Android Auto. I'm keen to retain rear camera functionality. Would I lose that if I installed this for example? Anyone had experience with this kit? https://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/toyota-alphard-2002-2008-upgrade-kit-with-kenwood-dmx7017dabs-double-din-av-receiver.html?search=alphard Someone else in this forum said these guys do the whole job. https://www.facebook.com/Toyota-Alphard-shop-UK-1492556167693929/ Any insights or tips welcome! thanks Simon
  10. Hi guys. Im having a right mare and really need some help. I bought a toyota Alphard 3 months ago and love it. (2004 2.4) However, on purchase the garage promised as part of the deal, a decent replacement stereo head unit that would give me DVD, GPS, Radio, USB etc etc, plus rear cam and wheel controls. 3 Months on and its still not done. They have apparently tried 3 diff uk head units but told me they are too long and dont fit (stick out 3 inches apparently), but havnt told me any makes or models they tried. Can you please advise me what head unit to use, and will definitely fit? Pioneer seem good and its the brand that is in there now. I dont want apple play, but I do use an Android so dont care if its got that. Im fine if adaptors are needed to keep rear cam and wheel controls working too. Praying you can help. Had my 15th (yes, 15th) visit to the garage this evening 😞 but still no joy. Many thanks.
  11. I have a 2005 import. The engine warning symbol has appeared on the dashboard. Neither my very reliable local garage or local Toyota are able to carry out a diagnostics. I am in East Sussex and would welcome opinions. Note, the vehicle genrally appears to be running fine. Thanks..
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  13. Not had mine done yet, but mean to get it done over the next few weeks. Full touch screen, bluetooth, google maps, etc without losing any original vehicle features.... cameras, hard drive, theatre surround blah blah. I believe it functions through the video port on the head unit. With a little software box canbus unit. Only trouble for me is the 4 hour drive to Birmingham! They do sell a DIY version that you fit yourself but touch screen doesn't work, you get a wired joystick controller..... £230 I think, personally I want the touch screen mod.
  14. Would be nice to know what system they use to convert as I've been trying with a raspberry pi but there are too many inputs to manually configure each section.
  15. Check out "uk alphard shop" on Facebook, for a retro fit android/apple play system, fitted to the original head unit. £350. Birmingham, 2 hour job.
  16. If power from the battery has been interrupted (disconnected) you'll have to operate each window from the corresponding door, all the way down then back up, before drivers door controls will work again. Hope this helps.
  17. Good to hear. I'll sticky this as some other people will have the same issue.
  18. This topic was very useful for me. Just registered my Alphard 2010, 2.4litre Petrol and insured using links, I am 48, 8years NCD, 8years living in the UK, Adrian flux quoted more than 730£, LVE could not find the car. Jap cover quoted 366£, Lifesure 496£, finally Advance quoted me KGM by 354£ and I got it. I am still on cool down time. Drove 300miles this weekend. Nice!! Thanks all for the good information. Frank H
  19. sussed it. It had had a Kph to Mph converter chip fitted behind the instrument pack, incorrectly.. A few question to the owner - it only started doing it after the chip was fitted. The gearbox was waiting for the vehicle to hit (say) 65Kph (Rpm red line in whatever gear), and it was doing 65Kph, but the speedo was reading 40 so it did not change gear. Correct the wiring to the converter chip & instruments, and all is now good
  20. its called the kickdown. do you have it in D or 3? Kickdown will increase the rev's to the limit then change but if you've got it stuck in 3 then it cant go higher. because theres not gear to follow on from. If you have it in D then the kick down switch is not working and i suggest taking it to toyota to check out. as on full throttle it should still kick to the next gear.
  21. Hi, 2006 Alphard Auto 3.0L Auto-box works fine in drive with one exception. If you floor the accelerator the revs rise until they hit the rev-limiter but it never changes up. Let off the throttle slightly and it changes up. To me this sounds wrong, but lacking an owner's manual I have no way to know if this is how they are. Any thoughts? Thanks In advance.
  22. Hi, just joined and happy to be here! Wanted to ask if any of you know of a garage or mechanic that can service repair a my Alphard in west Sussex? Things starting to go a little wrong but my local garage hasn't a clue! many thanks Ked
  23. yeah, i think i'm just doing it wrong tbh. not had time latley to try again
  24. Have you tried any of the Toyota door lock videos on utube, i've just looked and a couple of them are the same for different Toyota models.
  25. very long winded. I bought a book on my alphard but still cant get the motion locking to kick in
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