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Union Jack Camping 7 or 8 Seater Camper Conversion

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Union Jack CampingUnion Jack Camping 7 or 8 Seater Camper Conversion!

Union Jack Camping offer a really Smart camper conversion and brilliant way to still be able to use your Toyota Alphard as a 7 or 8 seater people carrier – and with one of their 3 People roof tents and Slide n Jive beds and kitchen Galley Boxes – you can use your Alphard as a Campervan with the set up in minutes. All of this can be fitted into your Alphard in less than a day – how smart is that!


With a Union Jack Camping Penthouse or Commando roof tent you don’t need to have an elevating roof fitted to your Alphard, and if you change the vehicle you can transfer the tent onto that vehicle. The tents have a hard shell and a thick memory foam mattress and come supplied with a range of accessories. They are easy to put up and down – in fact they pop up ready for use in less than a minute! Also our roof tents have more room in them than an elevating roof!


The smart Slide n Jive Bed fits directly onto the top of the folded flat seats inside the Alphard – giving you a large comfortable bed inside the vehicle, and with one of Union Jack Camping’s Galley boxes in the back that the bed sits on - you also have the benefit of a rear kitchen and storage unit.


Union Jack Campings’ roof tents bolt onto roof bars, and if you need any roof bars fitting they can also fit and supply them – even if you are not having a roof tent, Union Jack Camping can fit and supply your roof bars – contact them for details.


visit Union Jack Camping Website for more info













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