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12 V battery

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If you start it with jump leads you should drive for about half an hour to recharge your battery. This assumes your battery is in otherwise good condition.

Not sure what you mean about pressing the brake pedal to recharge.


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Thank you.  It is a hybrid and I rather thought the 12V was charged by braking.  I.e., there is no alternator.   I heard somewhere that it was charged by braking but maybe that is another battery.  Grateful for any information.



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13 hours ago, Patricia Ingram said:

 I heard somewhere that it was charged by braking

I see what you mean now. This is called regenerative braking. If you have ever got a small (Scalextric type) motor and connected the terminals together then the motor becomes hard to turn with your fingers when otherwise it would spin freely. The motor has been reversed into a generator. This effect is used when you hit the brake pedal while moving. The kinetic energy of the car is turned into electrical energy and the car slows down (braked) in the process. The electrical energy is used to recharge the battery where normally the kinetic energy is lost as heat in the brake disc.


However you would need to do a lot of braking to recoup the energy lost from starting the engine by this method in isolation. Your battery will recharge just fine from the driving part via the alternator.

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