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  3. You will need a new head unit. Its not possible to convert the existing factory fitted radio to english. Some brands like pumpkin, xtrons etc do it with kits. Have a surf on the forum as people have posted wiring conversion kits on here.
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  5. Hi, Yesterday bought an Alphard (year of manaufacture 2005), reg in UK and converted to campervan July 2018. Please can anyone update me with the latest info on how to convert the Japanese language Sat Nav and main console to English? This needs to be done without losing reversing camera and steering wheel controls that link to the central console. Also need to be able to connect my Samsung phone by Bluetooth. I have had a big quote of around £2000 from Cartronics and also heard rumours of the job being possible for £300. that is a big discrepancy. Thanks in advance for any info. JG
  6. 3L is better. Not struggling up hills the fuel ratio works out the same. But longer trips the 3L handles it much better. If you convert to LPG you'll be laughing so many people opt for this. I haven't as there is not a LPG pump station anywhere near me.
  7. Hello everyone! Just dipped my toe into the pool of people movers and fell in! Have had Toyotas for years: 4wd Caldinas - 2, 4wd Caribs - 2, 4wd Altezza - 1, Starlet - 1 and now moved into a "loser cruiser" - LC - Elsie. So much fun! She's a 2004 1D2 (Colour) 2.4 full time 4wd @ 240 kms but well serviced. Have 3 Grandies, all in car seats of some sort and they can't fit in the Caldina plus one parent and their stuff, hance the move up. Has a few fiddly bits to sort - exterior door trim, sloppy seat belt, power door cables - these placed to price low (low enough to make the time to fix worth it) and I am very mechanical/technical so will enjoy - have hunted down spare parts - each task is about a day to sort. As is usual I hunted down a Russian full service manual - thank you Google Translate! - this has been very helpful showing the numbers and exploded diagrams. Great drive on the open road, fantastic visibility and comfort. Great grip with the 4wd - gearbox ratios seem to suit the engine power curves on our roads and 2.4 has the power and revs to move it when you need to. "Ample Carriage" (thank you Ralph Breaks The Internet) helps soak up the bumps - looking forward to towing our little caravan with it (1988 Zephyr Z350B) - has a tow-bar fitted already and that's worth over $500 itself
  8. On the question of which is better, 2.4 or 3.0 I'm about to choose between one or the other. Most of my driving is going to be on 100 mile trips on motorway/A roads with 2 on board. Which is going to more economical and would there be much difference in insurance costs. Sellers I've spoken to say 3 litre is as economical as 2.4 but usually they have a 3 litre to sell ! Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. Going to see a 3.0l mzg tomorrow. Hope it's as good in the flesh as the picture make it.
  10. Yes, there is a topic to help you get that arranged. I've followed it and got the brake servo sorted within 2 weeks of my email.
  11. Can you get the recalls done in the UK if they are outstanding?
  12. I would go for a 3L, there are some outstanding recalls on these (brake master cylinder, airbags). When you get one make sure or do 1. full service including timing belt, water pump. 2. change gearbox fluid 3. get the brakes bled 4. Underseal/wax the bottom of the vehicle. Other than that they are good vehicles.
  13. Halfords. Industry standard bulbs.
  14. The Question is can you get parts for these vehicles too? oh and welcome.
  15. Fitting kit for 202-2008 Alphard and leads to connect for steering wheel control. Bought in April 2019 but the wiring in my Alphard appears to be different to most and i had to hard wire in the new radio, consequently this is no longer reqd and is unused. Part numberCT24TY001.2. Bought from Dynamic Sounds for £34.95. Will sell for £20 plus delivery £4.
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  17. Hello Alphard forum users! We are Auto Portal Co, Ltd. Our team is based in Nagisa-Cho, of Izumiotsu-Shi (City), Osaka, Japan. We are a car exporter since 2006 dealing with both business and private sales. Currently we are changing our SNS and online strategy so joining this forum for a car we sell many of, was a good idea and hopefully we can talk with some of you soon for many of the Alphard we offer (we will place more info on our website with details soon of our stock). Thank you for reading our introduction, we look forward to connecting with both business and private customers within the United Kingdom soon. Have an amazing day everyone! Auto Portal Co, Ltd.
  18. Travelling within Europe. Where can I purchase a replacement bulb kit including HID bulbs?
  19. Hi All, looking at buying an Alphard and would be greatful for any assistance or help in picking the right one. Which is better 2.4 or 3.0 What should I be looking for? Possible faults or issues? Is there a buyers guide? Thank you in advance
  20. Just joined up. Pick up my 2004 2.4 in about a week. Live in Worthing in West Sussex.
  21. Just joined the club. Live in Perthshire.
  22. This is the one i've got. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MRCARTOOL-ELM327-ODB2-V1-5-Bluetooth-Auto-Code-Reader-Diagnostic-Scanner-Tool/173859916862?hash=item287adbcc3e:g:R70AAOSwlf5ca7sI
  23. Very rare that it’s cheaper you must have caught them on a good day before they put the price up 😀
  24. Hi just got my Alphard camper today I live on the Isle of Wight. Looking forward to learning a bit about the experiences and solutions to any problems other members have found.
  25. Thanks for this. Can you give me adapter details and where to get it from. A url. Its worth a try.
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