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I have discovered a Panasonic amplifier under the front passenger seat as in the attached pic. Does anyone recognise it and know if the Alphard amplifier bypass cables available online will fit this particular amplifier? The Panasonic head unit has a very odd assortment of connectors that don't match anything I've found published.

The vehicle has 8 speakers in the dash, doors and rear side panels and a central grill in the dash top. None at a higher level as I believe is the arrangment in the 16 speaker vertion.

I had been under the impression that the 8 speaker system didn't have a separate amplifier.

There is also a box of electronics on the inner side of the space under the seat, below a smaller blue box with Toyota on it (pic attached). Could this be associated with the audio system too?

Lastly, just out of curiosity, while installing the antennas, I spotted an orange plug with a semi circular yellow label around it, under the left hand dash panel. Is it a fan?

Many thanks.





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Posted (edited)

Yellow/orange plugs are always SRS/airbag related. 


Looks like you have an older 20 series (2008 - Apr2010)

Standard 8 channel amp, with the digital tv box in blue on the right (because i bet you have minidisc player in headunit, tv box had to be external due to space, and in later models minidisc was removed and tv box integrated into headunit), IPA is the larger box on the right.


Confirm speaker number? 

Centre dash, tweeters in corners near windscreen, 1  in each front door, 1 in each sliding door(no tweeter in the plastic trim above sliding door locks), 1 each side in rear, which means you should have a sub under drivers seat for a total of 10 speakers, in which case you get an 8 channel amp (centre shares front channels, and sub has it's own amp) 


The lower spec does not have centre or sub.


The 18 speaker system adds 6 roof speakers, and two tweeters in the sliding doors above door locks.

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If you want to bypass that amp, i can give you the wiring diagram. Most of the connections are related to the 10 speakers.


You can also check YouTube for 


TC bypassed his amp manually

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It was manufactured late 2011, november I believe. The head unit only has a cd player, no mini disc.

I wasn't aware of the sub under the drivers seat, I will have a search there. Everything else you have described about the speakers matches up.

I have now fitted the 'In car tech' amp bypass cable and run in the ISO speaker cable to the head unit.

I'm now running a small copex conduit to the back for the new camera cable and a power cable in the rear. I've got it as far as the back of the side door.

Getting there in small steps as time and weather allows.

Many thanks for your help.

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Nothing under the driver's seat except lots of lovely storage space and these two boxes that I have no idea what they are.

I wonder if the unused connector, top right of the top pic, is for a sub?



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