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  1. Hi folks It has now been at 5 mechanics - still not sorted - the code that keeps coming up is PO500 - pointing to speed sensor A - had it changed and the electrics checked and this seems fine. They are now saying that it may be the gearbox - it is in auto electricians and they say that all is good with electrics and they are pointing me towards going to auto gearbox specialist?! I presume this is the CVT you mentioned above - I did some checking myself and it seems the drive belt on the CVT seems to wear out with age?? I suppose the next step is get this checked but they seem to be saying a whole new gearbox needs replacing. I am not an engineer so any advice would be good?? Nightmare!! Cheers David
  2. I wonder if anyone can help me- I have a Toyota Alphard 2003 , 2.4 automatic and it is playing up. The dash engine light is coming on when I start moving and it is not responding when I put my foot on the accelerator. I am up in Newcastle, England and local garages are scratching their heads - one garage changes the auto transmission speed sensors but didn’t do the trick. I actually took it to local Japanese import place in Cramlington but all they said was a speed sensor A needed replacing... however have changed both already- see above! I am wondering if another type of sensor is playing up but the Toyota dealer said that the above sensors are the only ones coming up on their parts computer!! So wondering if anyone has run into similar problems and if you could recommend a garage to do it. Cramlington place are booked up until May time!!! Thanks again for any help. Cheers David
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