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  1. Hi I am looking to get an Alphard as well. 2 viewings and test drives this weekend near Windsor and High Wycombe. I wonder if existing owners can help me with the queries below as I am a complete newbie to this! - Do dealers have to provide auction/export certificates? If it is missing, is it a problem? - How much did you pay for your road tax? Do you get any subsidy for hybrid versions at all? - Insurance: How much did it cost you on average? - I live in Islington Council in London. Their parking permit goes by Co2 emission. Does anyone have a model report on 2007 Alphards 2.4L engine for me to refer to for permit applications? Or to advice them on this? (https://www.islington.gov.uk/parking/parking-permits/parking-permit-costs-table) - Would you recommend changing the speedometer and/or odometer? - I am considering converting this Alphard to a camper at some point - any particular garage you recommend for this? - How often should you service it and can you just bring it to any garage? - Parts - how easy are they to find should things go wrong and can you use other Toyota equivalents? Many thanks for all your wisdom!
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