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  1. You wrote: "I was planning to put a leisure battery in, a friend has put one under the passenger seat. Any other suggestions?" I built a box which I placed behind rear seats. The inverter sits underneath the seat. No idea where the original japanese inverter sits, but even if you could replace the original inverter, the cables for 100v might also need to be exchanged for the 220v. My inverter has two three pin plugs as outlets, so I just use an extension lead for easier access, Thats why I didn't place my inverter in the engine room, or underneath somewhere.
  2. Billc


    Original dvd monitor no longer worked. Fitted 13" dvd player.
  3. Billc


    Middle seats dropped flat and mattress on top.
  4. Billc

    Battery Box

    Houses one 100 ah leisure battery (space for two), Inverter and battery charger. Box also houses a voltmeter and a usb charging socket.
  5. Billc

    Running Water

    My wife found the bottle of water. The battery operated faucet fits snugly on top. The faucet is rechargable over usb cable. The bottle is let into the top on a stand so that is is stable.
  6. Billc

    Electric Kettle

    Kettle is a 1000W travel kettle. Stands firmle on non-slip matting. Plugged into extension cable from inverter.
  7. Billc

    Cook's View

    Cooker pulls out enough to be able to work and not to burn pod or car.
  8. Holds a single burner cooker with cartridge.
  9. Flaps drop down. Probably need a short length of chain to stop them from dropping right down.
  10. Billc

    Kitchen Pod

    Kitchen pod has room for 4 compartments. Made from ply and varnished with Mahogany coloured lacquer. Pod is formed to fit the boot area
  11. Hi, I have recently brought an 2004 Alphard V5. I have in the upper glove compartment a Toyota DVD player. Is this player supposed to be connected to the roof drop down screen, and if so, How do I turn the screen on? Is there supposed to be a remote control for the unit? I am putting a replacement head unit in as the one that came with the car did not have navigation. I notice that the head cables have a key and key2 wires. Are these meant to be for the steering wheel controls? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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