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  1. Does anybody know anyone who can reset my clock from km to miles on my 2008 Alphard. The importer changed the dial to read in mph but has not changed the clock. I am in Southampton/ Isle of Wight area. Thanks
  2. After some research I found I could start the car by holding the logo on the key fob to the start button. This allows you to start the car. Then I changed the battery in the key fob and all is working again.
  3. Help! My 2008 AlpardCar wont start as it is not seeing the key after new battery. Can anyone help. I have just tried to start my new Alphard. The power was interrupted when the battery died. Can anyone advise how to get the car to see the key again. There is a red light flashing on the dash with a key symbol in it! Thanks , Nigel.
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