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  1. Hi really interested in getting an Alphard there's a place near me Vine Place in Co Durham don't know if anyone's had any dealings with them ? Website "Vine place" Anyway he gets a lot of mainly 05/06 3l Alphards usually between 60-80k on them. I emailed them asking about timing belt as they mention changing it if it's "due" Now I know normally it would be bout 100k before you would change it but these are 15 year old cars! In his reply he states "There is no time interval on Japanese cars. This appears to be designed to keep European service departments busy" I'm a bit skeptical about this reply would anyone agree ? We don't know the history of the car I dare say they don't understand Japanese and won't understand any documents that come with it if any. Am I being paranoid and can enjoy another 30k miles before changing it or be skeptical like me and be worried about deterioration about the belt over that length of time ?
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