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  1. AVAILABLE NOW - 2006 - 2.4 ltr petrol engine - 67300 miles odometer and speedo converted to mph- New 12 Month MOT Auto gearbox - Android radio system - reversing camera -electric windows - 1 x power side door - central locking - electric folding mirrors - aircon - Silver exterior - black / grey interior - undersealed Funky Ram Weekender conversion: Pop up roof with bed boards colour coded to vehicle - roof awning with zip up fly screens and windows - solar panel - led reading light in roof - passenger seat swivel - 38"rock n roll bed with 2 seat belts, kick boards & storage - side kitchen with storage tambour & traditional doors - fold away table - 2 ring gas hob & sink with tap - water tanks fresh & grey, water pump - vented gas locker - 50 ltr compressor fridge - sound proofing insulated non-slip flooring - USB charging point 12 v electrical socket 1 x multi switch & indicator panel - black out curtains - electrical hook up - split charger - carbon monoxide alarm - fire extinguisher - leisure battery - cup holders A Funky Ram conversion is built with quality and efficiency in mind, the limited space available in an Alphard is maximised to give you a truly multi use vehicle. This vehicle is available to view and test drive at JMT Leisure - Western Super Mare - please call Gilly for more information 01179 382383 - open 7 days a week All vehicles are supplied with a 6 month build warranty £26995 OTR - road tax and insurance not included
  2. Visit Funky Ram website for more information on how to buy and converted Alphard or have a custom conversion on your Alphard or Vellfire
  3. Toyota Alphard & Vellfire Club Forum Meet 2022 at the British Motor Museum - Over 60 Alphards in the UK's Largest Alphard Meet. You can see more at https://uk.alphardclub.com
  4. Hi guys~~ I've been trying to look for an Android Head unit for my AH20 2008 Alphard.. Which won't affect any of the factory function eg. parking camera Can anyone recommend one please?? I know Ben Hau can do that without swapping the head unit.. but I'm looking to connect a USB memory stick or stick an SD card into the head unit, so I wouldn't have to connect my phone to the head unit.. And I don't believe it's possible with the factory head unit?? Also, I've seen some Tesla styled head units installed onto some Alphards.. Has anyone done this on here?? Thank you~
  5. We have just bought our 3rd toyota import, 1 toyota Estima 2 alphard series 10 3 alphard series 20 We love the Alphard cars, amazing cars. I look forward to chatting with everyone in this club. We live in the South East London area. Where is everyone from?
  6. Hi Everyone We have a series 20 Alphard with original cruise control. While cruise control works, it will not set at speeds over 68mph. Is this a normal operation? If I set it below 68mph, I can then use the resume function, however once the car speed reaches 68mph it stops acceleration.
  7. Side kitchen wide bed conversion by Funky Ram Bristol www.funkyram.com
  8. Hi Im looking to upgrade to an Alphard after driving a Kia Sedona for the past 7 years. Really need advice on what kind of mileage is end of life for them, i have seen some for my budget of £6000 at around 120,000 miles. Listed as fresh import. Any advice on the mileage and buying would be greatly appreciated.
  9. This works for both 2.4 and 3.0. This guide is based on the 3 litire model, but you can do the same process with the 2.4. You just need to locate your MAF sensor beforehand. This will be situated after the air Filter box and the engine. MAF Sensor on the Toyota Alphard - 3.0 V6 What is a MAF sensor? Your mass air flow sensor or “MAF” detects the volume of air as it enters your engine by heating up a thin wire or resistor. The computer in your car then measures electrical resistance through the MAF as the air flowing through the sensor cools its components down. With a firm understanding of how much air is flowing into your engine, the computer can then direct fuel injectors to add more or less gasoline to the air/fuel mixture. First off you are going to need a can of Isopropyl Alcohol (excuse the state of my old can ) Also be weary of buying MAF sensor cleaner. It's the same stuff and it's twice the cost. Go to your local maplin or ebay and purchase a can for around £4 You also need a stubby screwdriver. I lost mine so using a short screwdriver. Unscrew the top housing of the sensor and gently remove. This will expose the red diode (does not look red at the moment as it's dirty) Spray this diode with Isopropyl liberally. Now for the dodgy bit. Some people recommend not to touch the sensor, however, i have always given mine a very light rub with a cotton wool bud. So be careful here. The dirt is now off the diode. Now look inside the may sensor assembly and you will see two small blades. Give then a good squirt. Shake off residual alcohol and wait for the sensor to dry. Takes about 5 mins. Refit to car. If you had a Check engine light due to the MAF sensor then this is a good time to disconnect the negative terminal on the battery for 15 mins to reset the ECU and clear any codes. I have seen the car also go in to limp home mode by simply having a dirty sensor. The dealer hates people knowing how to clean these as most of the time all they need is a simply clean while the dealer wants to help himself to £200 from you for simply replacing a dirty sensor. All Done for just £4 and 15 mins you could say a whole bunch of notes.
  10. Hi all, not sure if anyone has any definitive answers but I’m looking to get a roof rack for an 04 Alphard but all I can find are the ones on eBay that cost around £450, which to me seems very steep, are there any cheaper alternatives out there? many thanks!
  11. Not totally complete but almost. If you have any part numbers then let us know and we'll add to the list. 3.0 V6 & 2.4 Alphards Cam Belt Kit (Buy from a reputable seller as many cheap fakes available online) Blue Print: ADT37334 (3 Litre) 2.4 Does not require timing belt. Water Pump Blue Print: ADT39148 Oil Filter Blue Print: ADT32108 (3 Litre) Blue Print: ADT32112 (2.4) 90915-10004 Toyota OEM 2.4 90915-20003 Toyota OEM 3.0 90915-YZZD1 Toyota OEM 2.4 Hybrid cabin filter (for 5 speed) Blue Print: ADT32512 (2.4 & 3.0 Ltr) 87139-28010 Toyota OEM Air Filter Blue Print: ADT32279 (3 ltr) Blue Print: ADT37267 (2.4) Oil Petronas 5w /30 Fully Synthetic (ACEA A1/B1) (3.0 Ltr) or other quality Fully Synthetic oils. Coolant OATS Anti-Freeze Spark Plugs Toyota OEM: 90919-01210 (3 Ltr) Toyota OEM: 90919-01184 (2.4) Fan Belt/ AUX Belt Toyota OEM: 99366-31040 (3.0 Ltr) Blue Print: AD06R1036 (3.0 LTR) Power Steering Belt 99364-80880 OEM Toyota High Level brake light Bulb: 955 12v 16W Wiper Blade Sizes 26' Driver 16' Passenger Side Lights 501 ATF Transmission fluids. Highly recommend Opie Oils http://www.opieoils.co.uk/c-1432-atf-automatic-transmission-fluid-for-cars.aspx Make sure the specifications are for the Toyota T-IV ATF oil. Fuches is a good brand. Oil Strainer: OEM 35330-28010 (Transmission Gear Box Oil Strainer Filter Assembly Accessory) You can get this from Lindop Toyota Mail order from john.devlin@lindop.toyota.co.uk Auto Jap Spares do a Kit with Plugs, Oil Filter & Air Filter. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/123377568634?ul_noapp=true
  12. Hello everyone. I fell in love with the Alphard one year ago when I needed to get my daughter to University in a single trip with a family of 4. Trying to rent an appropriate vehicle was impossible. Then a customer of mine offered me his 2003 Alphard 2.4 G Edition with LPG conversion to take her. It was the comfortable drive ever and we got ever single item down to the south coast in one go at the cost of just £28 in LPG there and back. I had to get me one of those! I found a specialist importer in Waltham Cross who had a 2008 Hybrid AWD with just 67k on it so I bought it. I never realised the true cost of fuelling this beast even with the hybrid for everyday London use. Having done loads of research 🧐 I found that you can actually have a hybrid that is converted to accommodate LPG also so I invested in this. Spending a further £1K+ I put in a B.R.C. Kit in. This car now costs me just 11.5pence per mile to run. I have already done 13,000 miles and paid back the conversion already. Regularly using the vehicle for business as well as regular comfy trips to the coast to visit our daughter.
  13. I've had this Toyota Alphard fitted from the dealer at time of purchase. Would I have done it knowing more about LPG? Watch and find out.
  14. Today we are installing one of the higher end Android player into the Alphard GGH20. This connects to an 18 surround speaker system.
  15. Thinking of purchasing a Toyota Alphard? This is a must see video. I explain the basics and hopefully ignite your passion for this vehicle. Save yourself a lot of heartache by getting an incite into choosing your future vehicle.
  16. You may have driven manual cars before but what do you know about automatic gearboxes. Here I talk about the Toyota Alphard automatic gearbox. One of the most common issues is that drivers who have not driven an automatic before, drive in the third gear. This leads to high revs, a noisy engine and low fuel economy.
  17. Not my finest video on the Toyota alphard drop links but I'm hoping it is off some use. This is how I changed my drop links on my Toyota Alphard. They looked nice on tight on the vehicle but on closer inspection they needed to be replaced. I hope you find this video useful.
  18. These are five hidden secrets of the Toyota Alphard. Let me know how many of these you knew about in the comments. Hopefully this will have been useful for you. These five secrets may not be apparent to you even though you have had the car for a long time. How bizarre. Hit the subscribe button to support more videos on the Toyota Alphard.
  19. I recently reviewed a Toyota Alphard G, I got a few things wrong in that review. Here it is again, with my bigger blunders removed. Apologies to the Alphard community and I hope this is a little better! I do care about quality but these things can happen. Want to see your car on the channel? Email me on talk@jayemm.com Looking for a new car or commercial vehicle? Pendle Lease can supply any make or model of car and van with a leasing package tailored to your needs, whether it be a business or personal lease. Head over to the Pendle Lease website - https://www.pendlelease.co.uk/ - where you will find all of the latest leasing special offers. Once you’ve found something you like, give them a call on 01277 549500 or email sales@pendlelease.co.uk and one of the Pendle Team will be happy to help! If you love our content, please check out our Patreon page for even more: http://www.patreon.com/JayEmmOnCars LOVE MY CRAZY SHIRTS? Get your own from CLAUDIO LUGLI! Check out their site - http://www.claudioluglishirts.com and enter JAYEMM15 at the checkout for a discount on us! Need oil for your car? Enter "jayemm10" in your basket at Opie Oils for 10% off your next oil order! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. An interior walkthrough of our Toyota Alphard campervan conversions. We import only the very best quality examples directly from Japan and convert to full campervan specifications. Take a look at the video to see why our conversions set the benchmark for quality.
  21. Toyota Alphard. Modification Luxury Vip. By.... Kin’s Auto Thailand. You can design your own style. ผลงาน แต่ง Toyota Alphard คันล่าสุด เพิ่งส่งมอบ แต่งแบบ Luxury vip ,เบาะพับไฟฟ้าที่คอนโซน. Magic glass Partition ,กระจกเปลี่ยนสีได้. เบาะไฟฟ้ 10 ทิศทางหุ้มด้วยหนังแท้ nappa มีโต้ะพับไฟฟ้า ที่คอนโซนกลาง., และรถคันนี้ สามารถควบคุมด้วย Tablet ได้ทุกอย่างในรถ. ทั้งหมดนี้ ที่ Kin’s. เรามีบริการ. www.kinsauto.com #toyota #alphard #vellfire #luxury #vip #kinsautothailand 089-7721485, 081-8200697
  22. 30系後期 アルファード/ヴェルファイアを弊社の商品でドレスアップしました! 今回使用したパーツはこちらの特設ページにてお買い求めできます! https://www.share-style.co.jp/SHOP/155044/230326/list.html#contents アルファード&ヴェルファイア 30系前期・後期の動画はこちら↓ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtiUrGvn8As7YwdKtEJnLLvq6qg9Napsl ------------------- 公式サイト https://www.share-style.co.jp/SHOP/155044/230326/list.html#contents 楽天 https://item.rakuten.co.jp/share-style/c/0000000918/?p=2&s=1#risFil yahoo https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ss-style8/search.html?p=30%B7%CF%A5%A2%A5%EB%A5%D5%A5%A1%A1%BC%A5%C9/ ------------------- 商用利用以外での宣伝大歓迎です! ぜひあなたのブログ等に載せてください! みんカラも随時更新しているので友達申請よろしくお願いします! みんカラの友達申請フォーム https://minkara.carview.co.jp/userid/943597/friend/invite.aspx 「Music Provided by NoCopyrightSounds」 Track: Andromedik - With Me [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/pyj9yJO4rbA Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/WithMeYO
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