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I purchased my Alphard from Charlie at Prodrift UK 

I spent many months searching and came across charlie as he had a nice 2005 Alphard up for grabs. The condition of the car was immaculate and almost purchased this car when i mentioned that shame the grey colour was not to my taste, he told me he had a cream interior MZ in and was in preparation.

Turned out to be my dream Alphard,  which was also a 4.5 B grade import. Probably the best grade you can get with a car that age.

Charlie was pleasant to deal with. no BS. 

There are a few i have come across that are highly recommended so best make sure you do your homework before buying from any dealer.

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Paul MCKeown is highly recommended, I have seen many happy owners buy from Paul and I think he is probably the best in the business. He strives for the best and ensures the car is legit and provides full documentation with every car sale.

Also, you can see selection he has recently purchased online and purchase to order.

You can also order LPG conversions too. Nice chap to deal with.


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Hi I’ve just had 2nd Alphard arrive from japan and can’t be happier and used 

i can’t recommend Paul & Sam enough the really do find the best cars they won’t  supply you a dodgy car as they only find customers by being recommended by others 99% customer recommendation 

live used them (Paul) before with a hilux  surf some years ago 

have a look at their cars on YouTube there’s lots!!!!
be warned though Paul likes a chat! 😂 

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Just bought my 3.0 litre Alphard from Charlie at Prodrift UK Edenbridge , Kent following a recommendation on this forum - vehicle is a Grade 4 late 2006 car on 39k miles ( verified ) - I  live on IOW and Charlie sent me close up videos of the car including the underneath - looked so good I paid a deposit and went to collect it last Wednesday - I can tell you I was very nervous as I am very fussy and have never bought a car before without seeing it - car looked fantastic - not a blemish anywhere including the interior - Charlie also had it serviced and had a new cambelt fitted - drove back to the ferry in Southampton - took 4 hours trying negotiate the A27 - car never missed a beat :) car is the face lift model and high spec but everything works ie CD and DVD player , AC ,sunroof etc .  highly recommend Prodrift 

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I would certainly recommend Charlie at Prodrift UK at Edenbridge in Kent.  I bought my Alphard from him last year and have been really impressed with the quality of the car.

Over a year on and still really pleased with it, it certainly does pay to buy the best you can afford.😄 

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