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  1. Alphard Club

    Alphard with Lexus front styling

    kind of do and dont. maybe with the numberplate on it will break it up a little.
  2. Alphard Club

    Cheapest Fuel prices in your area.

    113 in tesco however, i used LPG and thats 68p/l which is expensive for LPG as i have heard of that being 55p in the midlands
  3. Alphard Club

    Has anyone got 1 of these?

    IS that the one where they ripped of this sites logo?? c'mon neil. I have been around the block many times with posts like this and your spammy post is not allowed here.
  4. Alphard Club

    Recommended Tyres

    I am using Hankook Ventus Primes. When i purcahsed my Alphard it still had the jap tyres on and they were dreadful in the wet. Bing front wheel drive they were useless. I bought Hankooks all round and have been very happpy. The grip now is fantastic. I purchased these as they had a good wet rating too.
  5. Alphard Club


    The boot will keep you dry anyway, use it all the time in the rain with the kids. They climb over abd i can stick their rain coat on. So as you will be mainly lounging about than cooking then i say side door.
  6. Alphard Club

    New Member

    Hi Ron Welcome to the Alphard Club. You will be making a wise choice getting an Alphard. They are amazing in terms of reliability. It doesn't mean yo can skimp on choosing the right car as there will be a few that have not been looked after. So you will need to take your time. Make sure you get t see the original auction sheets if it's a new import and make sure its got a Bimta or Jevic mileage verification certificate. There are a few bad apples out there. Let us know how you get on.
  7. Alphard Club

    Your thoughts on yellowing headlights

    rub down and lacquer is the best way to go for sure.

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