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  1. did you ever figure this one out mate?
  2. thanks for placing your vehicle up for sale. Ideally it would be best to have the following information\ Car description Mileage History info Price Location Pictures This will really help your sale and also helps the potential buyer. Thanks
  3. i think the UK address is now the only one you need. They will follow up on it. Just takes a little bit of time. The dealer needs to receive the part and instruction book on how to replace the part. As most technicians have never worked on an Alphard before.
  4. As Kendo suggests, this is one of the most common causes of high MPG Check that first Consider LPG conversion, we reduced our MPG by 40%. We had a stag system fitted by Profess Autogas
  5. Hi Andy You probably wont benefit for the first 2 miles as the car will still be warming up, meaning the engine will warm up before the hybrid kicks in. By that time your wife will be at work. The hybrid is more beneficial around town than long runs. Another option is a 2.4 or 3.0 with LPG, even though the car still needs to warm up for 2 mins before LPG kicks in, when it does your fuel costs will be roughly 40% less. initial investment of LPG is approx £1200, however this will add slightly more value to the car and easier to sell later. LPG will benefit 100% of the time whereas hybrid was designed for city driving.
  6. Not sure this is possible. Body kit of the most lowest part
  7. Hi Ann, there are a bunch of insurance companies at the top of this thread. Tax is around the 250 mark.
  8. I'm afraid not. You may be able to get the rear camera to work, but front is harder. I have heard of one person getting it to work, but i have only ever used front camera twice, but stereo everyday so stereo is more important.
  9. do you have any pictures @Ian Stanley??
  10. Hi Do you have a 240v splitter? ie. can you connect to 240v at a camp site? If you do then you could connect a 240v heater. Otherwise you will be looking for a LPG heater as most heaters use diesel. However again, there are some chinese versions that come with a little diesel tank where you can buy red diesel (no VAT on that) and use it Sample here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/142942440753 As you will see a tiny plastic bottle where you add the diesel. I don't know what these are like, this is not a recommendation, i have seen many camper owners who have these and seem pretty good. Please research.
  11. I have a 3litre and love it. first thing i did was LPG conversion. Saved a bomb and monthly do around 500 miles for around £80. More miles if doing long run. Recommend Profess Autogas
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