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  1. if it is the 3L then it's a belt the 2.4 has a chain. The belt is really easy and any garage can do it. It's the same engine as the Lexus rx300 and very easy to do. driver side wheel comes off then the cover showing the pulleys and the top cover comes off. Any garage can do this it is not a special job. Make sure you get the water pump changed at the same time and don't let them fob you off with it does not need doing as it does when cam belt is changed.
  2. There was a system that the alphard are actually on I thought it was star something. I'll have a look and see
  3. We bought a higher rated Tanya battery with the same terminal layout and that stopped our dead battery issues. I have to modify the tray slightly on one side but fits perfectly now.
  4. Have you checked both pedal sensor and the other sensor on the throttle aseembly?
  5. It's the exact same engine as the lexus rx300 or rs300 if you have the 3l version. Would be worth googling that engine. Or as John said drill the bolts out. I did this on our previous estima and took me half a day to drill them all out and retap them. Cheaper than a new engine.
  6. Hi, there are no workshop manuals. What problem are you having with the door?
  7. I would get a code reader on it and see when testing. that would tell you the codes and location of the failure. sounds like steering wheel rack.
  8. thank you for letting everyone know. Also might be worth checking the fuses under the bonnet for good measure.
  9. should just be a m8 bolt. sounds like it has been sheered or dethreaded. (proberly done up too tight before).
  10. Hi, Yes look up on the forum owners manual. If you purchase that it has all the toque settings, bulbs, reset procedures etc.
  11. Get the app on your phone/tablet auto doc. This will give you genuine parts and the better qaulity parts needed. Yes the axle has to come off but they can actually use jacks to support it and a mobile press to push the new ones in. It is a tough job but does not take that long if done correctly.
  12. MARK Richards are a decent lot. Ask them
  13. Try Mark Richards insurance. Simple answer if you remove the original radio you loose features such as Lane control, front cameras etc. New sat nav can be put in on a android radio but you'll have to install a new aerial and new camera.
  14. We bought a slightly higher amp age one. Exide 450a battery from Tania batteries. sorry for the late reply.
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