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  1. It is the "Hybrid System Warning light" Could be because you let the batteries go flat. I would suggest getting a code reader or having toyota look at it as it may be one battery has died or at the very least it needs the error codes clearning.
  2. Head over to the facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/alphardmart/?fref=nf they can do inline upgrade of exsisting units.
  3. There are a few choices, but most of all I would seek out a recommended installer. However if you want to DIY the job them head over to the Alphard market group on facebook and they can convert the exsisting unit to android or apple play for you.
  4. What type? 3.0l or 2.4? hybrid or non hybrid?
  5. Would be nice to know what system they use to convert as I've been trying with a raspberry pi but there are too many inputs to manually configure each section.
  6. Good to hear. I'll sticky this as some other people will have the same issue.
  7. its called the kickdown. do you have it in D or 3? Kickdown will increase the rev's to the limit then change but if you've got it stuck in 3 then it cant go higher. because theres not gear to follow on from. If you have it in D then the kick down switch is not working and i suggest taking it to toyota to check out. as on full throttle it should still kick to the next gear.
  8. yeah, i think i'm just doing it wrong tbh. not had time latley to try again
  9. very long winded. I bought a book on my alphard but still cant get the motion locking to kick in
  10. if its the original head unit you can't as these are made for japanese market only and therefore no english option. I use google translate on my phone to figure out everything. otherwise its a new head unit.
  11. Have you tried contacting toyota? as sometimes it is the same parts across many vehicles. Or even a breakers yard.
  12. Thule do them. i would strongly suggest calling your local thule distributor and asking.
  13. Like any hybrid that batteries do not last forever. However some people have trouble because diagnostic's are a nightmare when it comes to hybrids. I've got a 3L petrol and very happy with it.
  14. Might be worth checking which ones it fits as there are other vehicles that might also have the same backbox. they tend to use the same exhaust for several vehicles. try looking at the heliux and see if that fits.
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