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  1. Just under the lamp (bottom side of the lens) there are two clips. you need to insert a small screw driver and loosen them. thats all we did and it popped out.
  2. with a conversion, i would suggest the 3.0L as its a bit more power considering the extra weight you will have.
  3. Yes just a couple of bolts. You need to remove the cowling carfully then its a case of just unbolting and rebolting it.
  4. you need to remove the door card which can be done via a few screws and job done.
  5. As a matter of point for these always change both and yes genuine parts always on my list.
  6. Yes, pumpkin, xtrons and pioneer do ones for it.
  7. There are two sensors one front and one back of the exhaust. Have you changed both?
  8. Ask Ben Hau, He can get them. Look for Alphard Ben on the forum.
  9. sounds like its not keeping the 5v to store the backend on it. I'd check your connections on the back of the radio and see if all plugs are in properly.
  10. You will need a new head unit. Its not possible to convert the existing factory fitted radio to english. Some brands like pumpkin, xtrons etc do it with kits. Have a surf on the forum as people have posted wiring conversion kits on here.
  11. 3L is better. Not struggling up hills the fuel ratio works out the same. But longer trips the 3L handles it much better. If you convert to LPG you'll be laughing so many people opt for this. I haven't as there is not a LPG pump station anywhere near me.
  12. Yes, there is a topic to help you get that arranged. I've followed it and got the brake servo sorted within 2 weeks of my email.
  13. I would go for a 3L, there are some outstanding recalls on these (brake master cylinder, airbags). When you get one make sure or do 1. full service including timing belt, water pump. 2. change gearbox fluid 3. get the brakes bled 4. Underseal/wax the bottom of the vehicle. Other than that they are good vehicles.
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