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  1. Yes, it's not a mod if its set at original sepcs.
  2. Short answer. No because of the weight of the conversion.
  3. no if its original suspension then you do not need to declare.
  4. Ouch! Did you do a full reset on the hybrid first. I've not got one but there was been a thread on facebook about having to do a full ecu reset on hybrid's once the batteries go flat.
  5. Hi, If i was you look for the leveling bar and see the switch/sensor and just try and give it a good clean. it could be full of debris.
  6. It only works when stationary otherwise it wont show the video on and sound. on screen will have the button pending your radio model.
  7. never buy without seeing it first. We made the mistake with a Merc vito. never never again. As for yellow headlights we just used tutrle wax and a drill with a polisihing clotch on the end, 20 mins later they look great then used clear laqer on the headlights.
  8. pop the plastic piceses our and find new to cut to size should do it.
  9. no idea for hybrid's as i've not got one. However high ampage is better
  10. Welcome, its the japanese head unit. which has the sat nav installed. use google translate to turn the voice off.
  11. Always get the timing belt changed. not worth it failing.
  12. Speak to Ben Hau, You'll have to travel to Birmingham to get it fitted but he does a clone tool for an exsisting head units.
  13. These vehicles are great to work on. lot's of space unless you are changing the rear spark plugs or bank sensor. other fantastic.
  14. no it's mounted on the back of the dash/speedo. nothing you can do to stop it.
  15. G F Automotive in Bristol will change them. This side of the bridge.
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