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DVD playing but no sound.

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Hi all, I have a 2007 model with the upgraded sound system... I can play any cd with sound no problem and I am sure i got sound when I tested a DVD but now I am getting no sound just picture, I have tried several genuine discs with no luck, I am thinking it must be a setting on the unit but for the life of me can not find it, can anyone help me please... thanks so much... 


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I don't have an answer for you; just a couple of suggestions.


As you don't mention Theatre System, I am assuming you don't have it, (nor do I).


There are settings within the DVD menus to change the stereo balance, front to rear balance, and various DSP functions.

I would suggest you try and check those (and make sure the steering wheel volume control is not at its lowest.


I will go an have a play, to discover if I can actually help.

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Make sure the volume control (top RHS on/off button) is not turned to the lowest volume.

Press the third button from the left on the bezel; that should bring up the DVD settings

Press sound to get the faders etc.


Within the faders there does not appear to be a master volume adjustment

Return is top right legend.


ASL allows you to crudely adjust the sound presentation.


Have you recorded any CDs to your hard drive ? Can you hear them ? Press Disc to switch between disc and HDD.


One of the joys, frustrations actually, of Alphie ownership is learning to read Japanese.


I will check my HDD handbook and try to understand the squiggles.........


I doubt any of this helps you but I hope it does.

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Yes it does have the Theatre System, No I have not saved any music to the HDD but someone in Japan has lol, no idea how to erase them... I am using Bixby vision on my Samsung to translate the Jap writing but can not find anything so far, mind you as you know there are lots of menus and sub menus, I will try your suggestion... thanks.

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