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4 hours ago, Vlodec said:

It's incredible. No one seems to know for sure. I have a 2AZ-FXE engine too, and it's plain impossible to find out for sure one way or another. 


The only not compatible Toyota engines are engines with direct injection system 1AZ-FSE & 2AZ-FSE. This information is clearly stated on the gov website.


2AZ-FXE and other Alphard engines are used across other EU/UK Toyota cars which make them compatible for E10 🙂



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In fact that's not quite the case. The government website only refers to European models. Hence........


E10 petrol is cleared for use in all Toyota European petrol models made from January 1998, excluding:

  • Avensis 2.0 litre with engine 1AZ-FSE made between July 2000 and October 2008.
  • Avensis 2.4 litre with engine 2AZ-FSE made between June 2003 and October 2008.

These models, and those produced before 1998 should continue to use E5


The Alphard is an import.

But I hope you're right about the same engine being used across other, European, Toyota cars. Thanks.

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These are the only engines above 2 litres manufactured in EU(Poland) and are available for the whole EU(including UK). Everything else manufactured in EU is below 2litres.


Every other engine above 2 litres is imported directly from Japan for the whole EU(including UK).


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