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Hi all

I have a 2005 Petrol Alphard and need some advice on making it ULEZ complaiant. For some reason there's nothing stated on my V5 about it's emissions. I was told by ULEZ to get a certificate of conformity from Toyota. Just heard from them stating that they don't issue any for import cars. Any advice on this kind of issue? 

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Recently I had a disagreement regarding ULEZ compliance of Alphards.


The official website states that my Alphie is not compliant.


I took a Alphard dealer to task about it and he corrected me (and the website).

Apparently he drives in and out of London regularly without any issues, charges, or penalty notices.


How does this help you ?


I will try and contact him again, if I can find our correspondence, and maybe he can offer a method that will take you forward.

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This is a quote from stuartspencerautos on ebay.


"Hi Roger
Japanese imports manufactured after 2005 will all be ulez compliant regardless of engine size, my own is a 3.0 V6 and it doesn’t get charged.
Regards Phill"


May I respectfully suggest you contact him and enquire whether Phill can help you.

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Hi all

i have same problem. I have a Toyota Alphorad 2.4 Hybrid 2004. I received a letter from TfL that my car doesn’t meet low emission zone. I couldn’t find right direction to sort out this issues. Just some guy advice me that I must connect with Japanese inspection for get a certificate. I send them an email but they don’t respond me. 
I do appreciate it if someone give me right direction 


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