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Alphard Hybrid 4WD 2006 - Remove middle seats

Eric L

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Hi all,


My name is Eric, I live in the UK and recently acquired an Alphard which I'm planning to slowly convert as a camper.


First thing I'm trying to do is to remove the middle seats and the foot rest. I noticed that this model is slightly different from other Alphards which have rotating seats. Mine the seats slides back and forth but doesn't rotate.


I couldn't find any info in YouTube, so does anyone have any hints?






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Hi Eric,


Is your Alphie an MZ version.


I have an MZ version with leather Captains seats and foot rests.


Unfortunately, the middle seats do not rotate, even with the footrests are removed.


You can purchase swivel bases for the front seats, but the supplier (IOW) informed me that they do not fit the middle Captains seats.


Silly suggestion time... is to change the middle seats. The swivel versions can can be obtained on ebay (or a breakers yard).

Indeed there were (maybe still are) some dark ones for sale in this forum.


I am working on a way of overcoming this issue but am keeping stum until (IF) I get it to work.

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Just to clarify the above.


IF you have the MZ G edition, or your machine is a seven seater, your seat rails will have a different spacing that most other Alphies.


So if you do go down the 'change your seats' option you will need two single seats. The 'one and a half' seat (small bench seat) will not fit the MZ seat rails.


It may be possible to exchange the bench seat chassis for the Captain seat chassis, or swap the swivel mechanisms over. I have not tried either, although I would not expect it to be achievable.


I have two single seats, but have not fitted them yet, so even that might not be possible !

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Thanks for your reply.


For now I'm not concerned about changing the seats. I really want to just remove then, as I'll fit some sort of bed. Unfortunately I can't find resources to disassemble seats/foot rests and I'm not very good at figuring out myself 😞

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I have never removed seats (yet) so cannot help you there; but, I believe, it is quite simple.


Most seats will fold flat to make a flat area for sleeping, maybe not flat enough but.....

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