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2005 3.0L V6 power sliding door and horn issue

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Hi folks, only just discovered this group. I've had an Alphard for a few years. Its a side conversation camper and I love it. But due to lock down and covid its been sitting idle for almost a year. I got it back not the road a few weeks ago. and the driver side sliding door wouldn't open on power. I opened it manually but now it won't close properly. It close, then pulls closed tight int he 2 step operation its supposed to but then opens to the first click stage again after a few seconds. I've tried all he usual things, runners, limit switch, sliding mechanisim. But it won't close securely and stay closed. Any advice would eb appreciated. I have a new motor I could fit but with it being a side conversion getting he door card off will be a struggle. I don't need it to be power operated I only need access for the gas bootle change and water tank. Just want it closed tight.


I have an other issue, it was MOT'd recently and the horn was working but now its not, Anyone know where the horn fuse would be? Or an other reason why the horn would fail? 

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What engine do you have ?


I can't find the correct fuse in the owners manual. There are many, but none are identified explicitly for the horn.

Other than the door, are there any other 'electrics; not working. Maybe we can identify the correct fuse that way.

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I read the title again ! 3l V6.


The reason I asked is that, I believe, the fuse boxes are different according to engine size !


OK, So I checked my handbook again and did find the horn fuse.


According to my book it is in the large fuse box in the engine bay. (Whether 2.4 or 3 l I don't know !

It is the same fuse as used for the hazard lights, direction indicators (and horn).

So should be easy to check if it has blown without knowing where it is.


Fuse 7 (next to the engine computer fuse so be careful.


Can you upload a photo (of the whole fuse box, lid off) to help me tell you which is fuse 7 ?

I need to identify that my illustration is your fuse box.

Fuse location may be marked "HAZ HORN".


Hope this helps, good luck.

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OK. Good.


According to my manual, it is the last of the photo above.


I have enlarged your photo and the fuse for the horn is the 6th from the right  on the top row.

Left of the EFI and left of the free space.


It is marked HRZ HORN.


So if it is a fuse, that's the one.


Could be the horn. I don't even know where it is fitted. Sorry.

Have you perhaps disturbed a wire.


That's all the help I can offer you, I'm afraid. Good luck.



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