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Access to spare wheel

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Mine doesn't; but it's tight.


But I wouldn't be surprised if some do. Some convertors pay more attention to detail than others.

I guess it also depends on how well the fridge has been installed.

It might be a hassle, but moving the fridge forward an inch or two should do it.

Or is there no access to the release because of the conversion floor?


Maybe someone on here will know if the spare can be released from underneath the car, or whether there is a modification that can be done.

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10 hours ago, Brinley said:

A rear van conversion covers the access to the spare wheel lowering mechanism as the refrigerator is situated over it or am I dreaming?


Top loading fridge is the way to go for the rear conversion

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fit a remote controlled motor to the lowering bolt! not sure if they exist, but given all the other extras for the alphard, i'd be surprised if one doesnt exist!


On a serious note, make sure to regularly grease the sliding bolt, on my old Regius, the thread completly oxidised, I had to remove wheel by letting out air, and using the jack to remove the tension on the hook.

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My convertor moved the bolt hole from its original location rearward toward the tailgate strike plate. I just remove the trim panel covering the strike plate bolts with my hands and the spare wheel bolt is exposed.

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I have a cupboard sized to take the industry standard sized compressor fridges.

I specified front and rear opening doors in the fridge location to ensure the spare wheel mechanism is accessible from outside.

If I do fit a fridge, in lieu of the cupboard, I will still have access.


Some fridges have a sloped rear panel (for fitting in boat hulls); these provide those extra few millimetres needed for the socket wrench.


What convertors do need to ensure is the the cabinetry does not lie directly above, or too close to, the bolt.


On side conversions there is a similar issue.

If your offside slide door fails access to the water and gas becomes problematic !

Worse, access to fix the door is obstructed by the cabinetry !

Same is true for the tail gate on a rear conversion but, I am told, disconnecting the battery (for a while) will release the tailgate.

I hope this is true if my tailgate fails but I am considering how to creat access to the lock mechanism through the cupboard space just in case !

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The bolt to lower the space saver on my rear converted AH10 is under the boot latch trim, has to be removed to access it.  You then use the wheel brace from the cars tool kit to turn it to lower it.


The kitchen unit does get in the way but it's still very much accessible.  I however cannot confirm if this is the factory location for it, or if it was relocated when converted.


Regardless I've just ordered an emergency repair and inflation kit for it, not sure I'd fancy running a space saver on it unless I really had to and tyre looks original.

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