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Newbie in Scotland

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Well I am gob smacked because today the post brought my registration document and V5, only a week after they were sent to the DVLA. Perhaps it’s because I am the first person on the registration document. So this meant I could get registration plates made up, now there lies another story, I tried the local places in Ayr on the DVLA list to get number plates made. Apart from one place nobody could do it today because of the shape being a import, the one place that could make them made them up for me before I arrived, I arrived to find out they were incorrect ie: a square rear number plate and a standard rectangle front number plate, I said they are incorrect they must be 13x7 were I got told to have square front number plates was illegal. I informed the person it was not as it was a import and should have checked with the DVLA. I came home to check further afield to find a place that did import number plates as they supplied them to a local Campervan company. So I went there, they checked with the DVLA and made the correct number plates up while I waited. Afterwards back home, fitted them, got insurance and drove to the nearest  petrol station to fill up. So now on the road all legal. If I see any Alphard’s around Ayr I will give you a wave.

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Why didn't Plexus Motors get it registered for you as part of their sales service ?

Presumably they got an MOT as one is required before registration !


I have not heard of the number plate size problem before. Thanks for sharing that with us all.


Enjoy your new machine. I'm sure you will.

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