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Central locking side door

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Seems one of my side doors isn't locking or unlocking on the central locking. Before I start taking the door apart to check the actuator, is there anything simple I should be checking? Cheers.

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Maybe the car battery? when my battery was on it's last legs I had to unlock the drivers side sliding door by hand from inside the car.

so if you have access to another battery maybe test it with that. 

another simple check would be fuses but I think if a fuse blew then neither side door would unlock.

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If both your slide doors are electric; they are independently fused.

I think the fuses are in different fuse boxes too !


Are both your slide doors electric; that is you have two separate switches near the steering wheel ?

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Please may I ask a quick question regarding rear doors?

I have a gen 2 Alphard on order, it won't be with me for a couple of months though doing quite a bit of homework while i wait:)

The one I have ordered has two electric rear doors, I wasnt really after  electric doors as just something to go wrong, though  web says  better with them.

Can the doors be operated if the motors fail  or what happens when the doors are switched off are you  opening against a motor.

Quite a bit on u tube about repairs of motors but cant find anything on operation without power.


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