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Can the captain seats fold flat?

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Does anyone have this style of seat?


I’m aiming to do the thing where you fold the seats flat and put an air mattress on top. I was just wondering if this style of seat can be made to fold flat at all, the arm rests look pretty solid. Perhaps they can be removed or made to fold down?



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No, the armrests are not easily removable - the seats themselves fold back like on a 1st class plane seat, if you can bear to sleep on your back, they would be long enough to sleep in - the majority of alphards that are used for camping are usually the 8 seaters


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Hello Arthur,


If you are 'dead set' on having a Captains seats that fold flat you may consider those fitted to the previous Evo 1 Alphard.

Although they have very nice armrests, which fold flat, they also fold flat in a rearward direction.

They do not fold flat in a forward direction.


If this may be of interest to you, I stress that you would must ensure that the seat rail spacing is the identical before purchasing any.

The previous Captains seats do not swivel, nor is there a simple way of achieving that; but I doubt that yours swivel either.


If you need more info please PM me as I can offer other ideas.

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28 minutes ago, Rojie said:



Hi again Arthur,

I just did a quick search on Autotrader for some seats for you.

Sussex Car Centre have a white 2009 Vellfire with Captains seats without the solid armrests.

Take a look; because it suggests, very strongly, that you would be able to source some seats that would lie flat.

If you do find some, do check the seat rail / track spacing. You never know, they may even swivel; but I doubt it.

Some convertors will sell you seats.


Good luck, and please let us all know how you get on.


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Hi Wendy,


Thanks for this, but I am pretty sure they won't fit Arthur's vehicle unless he is happy to have all the floor up and relay the rails.


The rail runners on the double seats are quite a bit wider than on the Captains seats.


I could find the dimensions (somewhere) if anyone needs them.


Did you add your seats to the For Sale section ? Someone else may be ble to use them

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