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Winter Tyres

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2 hours ago, Louise said:

Hi can anyone recommend a maker of winter Tyres for my Alphard Hybrid 2.4


All depends on your budget but to keep in Japanese style have a look on Yokohama Blue Earth Winter.


mytyres.co.uk may stock some

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Hi, another tyre worth a look is the MAXXIS Allseason range of tyres. When I need new tyres on our Alphard, these will definitely be fitted. My wife has had these fitted on her Ford Connect Van for several years and have proved excellent, giving v.good grip on icy and slippery surfaces, low wear and little road noise.

Any good tyre fitting company should happily advise on these tyres.

My final comment is do not be persueded to purchase bargains/deals and if you can afford good branded tyres go for a name you know; if it seems to good to be true..beware!

When accident assessors look at damaged vehicles for insurance purposes,one of the first parts they check are the tyres, tread depth, damage not associated with the accident;correct size for the vehicle,and fittment[that is they are fitted to the wheel according to the rotation marks on the tyre walls].

Sorry to go on, but nothing winds me up more than modern vans which have been fitted with"flash" skinny wheels with "elastic band" tyres. I'm not even sure whether the vehicle should be given an MOT Test as they are non standard fittings. I wonder how many owners of these vehicles have advised their insurance company of such a modification.  My own personal comments. Moan over[it's my age]. Importantly:-  Enjoy your Alphard!


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