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1 hour ago, Clive Campbell said:

Hi does 2.4 have captain seats 


Some 2.4l versions come with 7 seats; implying that some (if not all 7 seaters) have Captains seats.

I think only the top grade option cars have leather Captains seats.


I have a 3.0l, so hopefully some 2.4 7 seater owners can clarify.


8 seaters will not have Captains Seats.

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Hi, my 2.4 has a passenger seat which is a captains chair, but this was fitted as part of the full conversion. It looks like a fitted turntable with the original seat fitted to it. It looks as though there was a centre console which has been removed to allow walk through from the front.

The chair works well.

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There are swivel mechanisms available for the front seat. They are expensive.

I think the centre console is removed, not for walk through, but to allow the seat to fully swivel.

According to the supplier (on the IOW) the the swivels won't fit the middle 7 seater seats.


The larger 8 seater seat won't fit the 7 seater seat rails.

The smaller 8 seater seat will. So two of the smaller 8 seater seats should fit , and swivel.


Hope this is clear !

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1 hour ago, Gerrymclean said:

Hi I have a 3 litre 2003 which I want to make the passenger seat swivel. problem is center console which has my switches for electric curtains.! Any ideas 💡 


Hi Gerry,


Not really,


I have seen photos of a few vehicles with the centre console removed.

Then a panel is fitted that is about two inches high, from the level of the floor.

I believe the panel is needed to cover / protect the 100v invertor.

I don't recall seeing any switches (or 100v outlets) on the new lower panels but probably could be done.


Is your vehicle 2003 (in your thread) or 2007 (in your profile) ?


The other issue, to consider, is that the swivels tend to add height to the seat, which can be an issue if you have tall passengers !


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