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Drive away awning

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Hi all.

we picked up our 3.0L 2008 Alphard & it has a 6mm awning rail fixed to the roof. The rail is approx 2400mm wide & most of the drive away awnings I've looked at are 3m wide. I believe this woukd cause an issue as there would be too much overhang on each side. Does anybody have any ideas on what awning would be suitable? 

Ive looked at Kampa, Outdoor revolution, CampTech,Vango, but cant find a low (180-210cm H ) 2600mm w or less awning. 

Thanks in advance for advice. 


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Hello Jeff,


Someone suggested, I think it was MonsterS, that the Mercedes Vito rear awning should fit.

I have it on my wish list, but no purchase until Spring.


I didn't realise just how costly equipping a campervan could be !!

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5 hours ago, Geoff said:

Hey Rojie. 
your absolutely right,so expensive.  
you mention “rear” awning?? But we have the rail fixed on the side?? 



So Geoff; you could have two !

Good luck with your search.

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Just looking at all your comments. As I have a awning rail fitted and will be looking for a suitable awning. Will have to measure it.

Going to the camper and caravan show at the NEC later this month so hoping to find one up there. Black Goose your info is interesting.

Does anyone know if there are any Alfphard camper meets planed this year ?

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On 2/5/2022 at 12:14 PM, Black Goose said:



Got an Olpro Cocoon Breeze. Brilliant, fits great with a magnetic drive away kit / tapes over the top or an awning rail.  Only 2m on the connection.


Bit pricy but worth it


This is what our conversion chap recommends. The magnetic kit presumably sticks on the van and is the right size for the awning and comes with suitable connectors? The over top thing appeals more from previous experience but can't see how it works safely with a pop up roof.  He recommends the tapes, though. What is your experience?

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