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Reversing sensor for Alphard 2003

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Thanks for your reply, I am looking for recommendations from other owners. At present just have reversing beep, which doesn't warn about any specific distance from obstacles.  Wondering what options there are? 

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I assume you don't have the "sonor" system option fitted to your vehicle.

If you do, its located with the air conditioning controls in the lower part of the head unit.

There are two "sonors". A small vehicle legend with four green lights.


One is a clearance sonor It works well, but when the warning is triggered you will already be very close to some obstacle.

There is also a back "sonor". operational when in reverse, with a range of 0.5m to 1,5m


I also have to assume you don't have a reversing camera, which are also very useful.

Reversing camera kits are widely available. Many Alphards have these fitted as standard.

If you have one , your head unit should switch to rear view when you select reverse.

You will, of course, need to learn how to use the head unit (unless it has been upgraded to an English one).

Much fun getting acquainted with the Japanese lady !

The reversing camera, if you have one, should be just above your rear number plate. A small black box.


I believe most mechanics or auto electricians could fit some aftermarket reversing sensor / buzzers.


Buying sensors ? Halfords or most Auto Factors. Try the Internet.


Good Luck, I hope this has been helpful.




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2 hours ago, Wendy Smith said:

Thank you, I don't think I have any that you mentioned, 2003 v6. Going to Halfords. Fingers crossed 😊

There is a chap down your way, a mechanic, that specialises on Mazda Bongos.

I feel sure he could / would fit your sensors.

I forget his name. He's out near Saltram House

If you need it, let me know, and I'll search for his details and you could discuss it with him.

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I am so sorry I did not get back to you.


Hopefully, you managed to find him on the internet.


If you didn't, Simon has added the correct link above.


Allan is not renown for answering the phone promptly.

Be persistent. he is often busy in his workshop.

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