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Help me decide, Vellfire or Elgrand e52

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We have decided that we want to get a camper and have decided that a JDM MPV based one is the best compromise. Just needed for 2 people and touring UK and Europe. I have reduced the choices to a 2010/11 Velfire with all the options or the same in an Elgrand E52. As this is a Toyota forum I am pretty sure what the answer will be but I'd like to get your opinions emotional or logical to help us decide.

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I prefer E52 look and shape however decided to get an Alphard 


1.  Alphard is more comfortable to drive

2. Alphard parts are shared with other Toyotas which means they are more available. Elgrand is more custom build, you will need to source most of the parts from Japan or search for used ones. 


You may also want to compare the height.


As for the camper use pretty sure Alphard will be the winner here above Velfire and E52.



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The Elgrand dash looks much more modern and futuristic, and probably is, compared to my 2006 anyhow.


I have heard it said that the later Elgrands are more difficult to convert, but that may not be true.


I preferred the more 'traditional' look and feel of my Alphard


What I do know is, you won't be disappointed with an Alphard / Vellfire,

Be cautious with the aircraft lounge seats, they are not for everyone, especially if converting.


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A few of my friends have/had Nissan's and all of them have suffered with electrical problems. None with Alfie's that I'm aware of. At the end of the day it's personal choice. Mine was a no brainer, Alphard every time.😎😎👍

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