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Dimensions behind front seats.


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Hi, can anybody tell me the the dimensions of of the space in the back of a 2004 Alphard? Can find most things online but this I can't. Basically the space if the rear seats are all folded flat, which I think you can do. Say, with the front sets roughly mid position, the distance from them to the hatch seal and the minimum width between side plastics. Also, the with of the rear hatch aperture just above the bottom of the rear lights. I think this seems to be the widest point, allowing for interior trim? Trying to work out what I can fit in the back... thank you :)

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8 hours ago, Chris.ac said:

I can find stuff like this for a 2008 alphard, on the toyota website - brochure section




Well done Chris; you came up trumps again. Merry Christmas.


TADAMS, I have removed my rear sets but I can tell you, there is very little room between the flat rear seat headrests and the tail gate when the middle seats are flat.

Depending on where the mid seats are located on the rails you may even need to remove the headrests (which is very easy).


With the rear seats lifted there is a lot of room. With the mid seats removed and the rear seats lifted some owners have managed to get a full size motor cycle in.


May I respectfully suggest you visit a dealer and do some measuring. That is what I did. It took me four hours! Measure, check, measure check. Vehicle to vehicle.

My dealer was very patient and did make a sale.

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If you need to do this 8x4 transport......


If have not tried this, there are many sophisticated safety interlocks on these vehicles.


It would not surprise me if you cannot drive the vehicle with the tail gate not shut properly.


Worth checking, just to be sure

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