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Traction Control Warning Light

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Took my 3.5 Vellfire 2014 model for first drive today, after only a few km the management warning light and traction control light came on. As it is a Saturday and new years day nothing is open until Monday. Any suggestions on what could be wrong? Unfortunately I do not have a handbook or manual will be buying one soonest 🤦‍♂️


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The handbooks by JPNZ are really useful, I would recommend them to everyone; but ensure you get the correct version.


As good as they are, they are owners manuals and detail all the switch locations, relays, fluid types, tyres, pressures, etc, etc. etc


They are not maintenance manuals, and do not delve into how to fix things.

Some threads on here do though.


I am informed that JPNZ should be introducing a Maintenance Manual, in English, later this year (2022).


What models, it will cover, and how comprehensive it is remains to be seen.


In the meantime, can I make a silly suggestion ?


Is the traction control switchable on your vehicle ? Is it ON or OFF ?

If the TRC is activated it will lead the ECU to reduce engine power (to reduce the wheel slip).


Make sure all your tyres are the same size, fitted correctly in terms of direction of rotation, and are at the same correct pressure, and have similar wear.

Any non similar tyre circumstances / combinations can cause the TRC to become 'confused'

I doubt this will help with the engine management light, but it may help with the traction control.


Please note my Alphard is much older than yours and some of these remarks have been harvested from my JPNZ Owners Manual and may not apply to your vehicle.

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Thanks for the feedback and information. The traction control button was the first thing I checked lol. Went to my mechanic this morning. He plugged in his decoder and traced the issue to a sensor on the catalytic converter. He has reset everything and so far so good. 

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