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Hi, First time posting on here, I'm looking for some info if anyone can help. We are looking at buying a Toyota Alphard 2.4 Hybrid // petrol 2004 model or a 2.4 petrol from 2006. They are for sale at the moment with a camper conversion company in Bristol, but I cant find any info on the vehicle tax rates can anyone shed on light on this please ? I have looked on DVLA but that has confused me more ! Also insurance mine don't seem to interested in a quote as its an import, does anyone have a recommendation ?  Thanks 

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Just now, Rojie said:

Hu Austin,


Welcome to the Forum.

There is a very useful thread for Alphard Insurance.

Give it a try.

Some insurance companies are fine with Alphards; until they are converted. I was with Aviva prior to conversion.

Make sure your intended insurance company knows it is converted.

The converting company should be able to help as they must encounter these enquiries frequently.

Now I'm with Scenic.

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26 minutes ago, Austin1109 said:

Thanks for the replies and the warm welcome to the forum its much appreciated. Rojie can you point me in the direction of the insurance thread ?. To be fair I'm pretty rubbish at finding things like that. Many thanks once again.


Hi Austin,


There is a tab top left hand side of the main page

Try there to start with.

If you use on line websites, many will not recognise Alphard; although their respective insurance companies will insure Alphards.

Better to phone them is this happens.


Good Luck

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