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Imported alphard 4x4 hybrid

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My pcp is up this month and looking to purchase the above. Total novice and never had an import before. With the current covid climate I want to use it for camping holidays for my son and I. 
any advice greatly appreciated in how to navigate a successful purchase 

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I went via Paul @ JapAutoAgent and got a 2012 that should arrive in the UK in a few weeks. Be warned though, they aren’t cheap, at least compared to equivalent petrol models.


Importing takes a long time (it’ll be 6-7 months for me). If you need something sooner you’ll want to buy one already in the UK.

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6 hours ago, Scott77 said:

Thanks fella. Yeah, I hear you. Think I need to have a rethink on my expect ions about what I can afford lol.


If you are thinking of a Pop Top conversion, make sure you understand the cost to fit one, and, as another thread states, avoid vehicles with sun roofs (if considering a Pop Top).


There is a recent thread that does mention conversion costs and Pop Top costs.


There is a respectable selection of vehicles on sale in the UK, at least to help you understand the purchase prices.

Autotrader, ebay, etc.


If you are considering a conversion, as opposed to just sleeping in the van, expect a long lead time for that too. Convertors are very busy with the recent increase in popularity of these vehicles, and some conversion parts are hard to source due to reduced factory output. I would expect supply issues in March / April as the new season gets underway.


My advice ? Tread carefully, do your research and buy. You won't be disappointed. They are lovely vehicles.


Bon Voyage.

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