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Toyota Alphard/Vellfire 2018- Buying and Insurance Advice

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Hello everybody,

I am new to the forum, I just joined and I am hoping that I can get some help and advice. Apologies if this was already discussed, I have tried to find information on it but I did not come across anything. I am planning on buying an Alphard/Vellfire from 2018 onwards (AH30), looking at the 2.5 petrol or the 2.5 hybrid ones. I have found the import agency (will probably be using TorqueGT, I have read good things about them and was also in touch with them and they seemed very knowledgeable and helpful). Does anyone here own either of the above to share their experience? I would also like to ask about the insurance, anyone insured newer ones as the comparison sites and my current provider (LV) only seem to have insurance policies for the older model with the 2.4/3.0 petrol engines? I really like the car but just want to make sure I have all the details before ordering. Thank you!

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Welcome to the Forum.


You may like to try Scenic, which is part of LV.

They have a sister company too, who's name escapes me, (but you could ask them Scenic) if they are unable to help you.


There is also a thread on here with a list of Insurance companies you may try.


There is a tab Insurance at the top left of this page, perhaps you could try that as a start.

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Thanks for your response and the suggestions, will give them a go. 

I saw the thread you mentioned but as the discussion was for the older vehicles, I just wanted to check if anyone had any information for the newer ones, I will be calling the companies from that list tomorrow, hopefully one of them can quote me. I will also give the Insurance tab a go!  I hope it is possible to get a quote for insurance as I really want an Alphard/Vellfire. Cheers!


Hopefully someone in the forum owns a newer one and can shed some light on how the day to day experience is with it.

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