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Leisure battery

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1 hour ago, New Girl said:

Hi yes that's all, as I'm using it as a day van rather than a camper everything else will be gas 


Probably not, need a leisure battery that is.


There are several types of cool boxes.

Some don't even need to be plugged in, they work from ice packs.

There are thermoelectric ones, with no moving parts except for the fan.

I have one, in my opinion they are not very good. They are cheaper than compressor versions.

Some of them heat as well as chill. Some struggle with achieving low temperatures


Then there are the compressor versions, which I am currently researching for a purchase.

These are more expensive and heavier.


Leisure batteries are not cheap, and there is the cost of wiring them in to your van.

The potential downside of not having a leisure battery is all the energy is being taken from the main battery.

If you use too much energy you can drain the battery enough to prevent the van starting.

You can buy portable jump starters to overcome that issue if it arises.


Perhaps you could look at a gas powered fridge; some can use multiple sources of energy to run in.


The downside with these is they need to be fitted and they are relatively expensive, some extremely so.

They are normally fitted into you conversion; but you already have the gas installed.


Whatever option you follow, the chest (freezer) type configuration usually are very good at retaining the chill factor.

Most, if not all,  'portable' coolers are of the chest type.


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