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Head unit 26041

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Hi re the attached picture of my head unit in my 2008 Alphard. I appear to have  a rear drop down screen on the headlining. Cant see anything by that screen to press or pull to make it  flip down.

So am guessing there is a button or soft button on the head unit which does that.

Does anyone know which button or which screen soft button does this? I have already proved the head unit can play Dvd's etc just cant figure how to make the rear screen flip down. Any advice or help appreciated

head unit.jpg

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First press disc, then press last button on bottom row (small triangle and line underneath) the front will flip down, invert disc,Press the same button with triangle. Front will then go back to original position. Press 1st button on top row then press box on screen next to ? question mark and roof screen will flip down. Hope this helps,ian24🐉

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On 11/12/2022 at 11:15 AM, Alphardlesschris said:

Is it possible to turn off the screen in the front while it plays on the screen in the back? 

Press 1st button top row, press the top right screen button to turn off front display


From that screen you can also press the top middle screen icon to open/close roof screen

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