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Japanese to English: Head Unit

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We just bought a 2006 Alphard, a fantastic fun. The only issue is that all the written instructions on the Head Unit are all in Japanese not English.  Is there anyway that all the instruction can be set in English? Thanks in advance

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Hello James,


Welcome to the Forum.


NO, Almost certainly not, but it may depend on which head unit you have.


Help us all to help you; add a photo please.


Many users, initially at least, use the Google Translate app running on a mobile phone.

Get the app, point the phone camera at text and buttons, hey presto.


Then the fun begins.


There are English language head units available.

If you pursue that route be careful you don't lose steering wheel functions (if they matter to you).

Front cameras can disappear too.


Search Radio or Head Unit Replacement on this Forum.


There is lots and lots to read !



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Thanks a million for getting back to me so quickly. As requested I attach several photos of the head unit. I am very much a novice at this and this was a way to enjoy retirement by travelling around.  

I do hope you can advise what would be the best way forward. Thanks so much James




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Hi James,


This is the same unit I have; and it is a good one.


I can't advise you to change it or not.


If you visit eighterseaterblog.com (or something very similar) you can find a comprehensive explanation on how to use this unit; all in English.


The TV will not work, as UK and Japanese are different.

Sat Nav won't work, either, as it is a Japanese subscription service.


DVD, CD, and MD should all work.

You may get Radio 2, unlikely anything else; although this can be tweaked quite cheaply. (£20, diy).

Head unit has to be removed though.

CDs (originals) will be copied to the HDD automatically. A really nice feature, in my view.


You should have three front cameras which should work automatically, and a rear reversing camera also automatic. All should work.

The front cameras are switchable from 2 to 3, and vice versa. Very helpful for peep and creep.


Try the reading for actual advice on who fitted what and how well it worked.

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