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CD stuck in Head Unit

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Hope everyone is safe and keeping well. I am not having a lot of luck with the entertainment system. I put in a CD and now that CD has stuck inside. Does anybody have any suggestions on how I could remove a CD from the player.




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i found my cds were just catching the top lip of the slot on ejection, just get your nail in there and help it clear the slot, if that is the issue (tries to eject and then pulls disc back in)

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I'm thinking a small plastic dental pick, as Chris says, just to ease the edge past the point of contact.


Silly point, once ejected, check the flatness of your CD !


I hope you overcome the issue as the head unit you have is a good one, and automatically records CDs to the HDD.

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Hi Thanks

I managed to get the CD out and if anyone needs to do the same here are the steps I used.

1)  Put key in turn it to "on"

2) CD player will (hopefully) try to expel the CD.

3) If not use tweezers too carefully grab hold off Cd and "viola" the CD is out.

Hope this helps anyone else who has this issue/problem 


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I found that after removing my head unit from dash, and refitting, the problem disappeared, too.

So I think just years and years of vibration and flexing eventually moved something mechanically - removing and refitting made everything 'square' again.

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