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What type of fridge are you looking for ?


Chest, Drawer, Compressor, Thermoelectric, 3 way ?

They only come in a few standard sizes.


Fridges for vans tend to be expensive. £500 upwards is not uncommon, in this niche market.


Has the conversion been completed, or in the planning stage ?


If the latter, inbuilt compressor chest freezers, mounted in the top of the kitchen counter are a neat solution.

You should fit a leisure battery too. Mine is under the dining seat.

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2 hours ago, Bronagh said:


The kitchen is in. What a niche market, looks like no choice.

We have gone for a leisure battery too.



Hi Bronagh,


So if the kitchen is in, was a provision made for an industry standard size fridge to be fitted ?


If not, you will be faced with a fairly major modification to the 'furniture' already fitted.

OR, you can get a compressor cooler.


There are still many to choose from, and the benefit of many is that they are truly portable.

They tend to be of the chest type so are very good at retaining the whatever chill they achieve.

(Door fridges ten d to let all the chill out when you open the door; but draw fridges don't).


I have some experience with thermoelectric units, on my many trips to Spain; however, I would not wholeheartedly recommend them.

They are OK; but OK, for me wasn't enough. Mine, an Mobicool, struggled to get truly cool, and stay cool, especially in a Spanish summer.


I cannot recommend a particular brand; however Dometic are great, but expensive, Alphicool are worth looking at.

My favourite (not either of the aforementioned) is unobtainable, atm, due to Covid and reduced manufacturing in China.

There are plenty of different brands and sizes to choose from.


As always (ignoring budget / affordability) understanding your needs is key.


If it cannot be inbuilt, pay particular attention to size and how you will secure it whilst mobile as they are no lightweight.


Good luck with your decision.





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Thanks for your swift reply. Looks like it's worth it to buy a dometic.  We have saved a lot on converting it ourselves, even though the kit is expensive. Also made our own curtains and blinds.

Happy camping

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