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Erratic vibrating 54 REG Toyota Alphard Hybrid

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Hi Everyone. This is my first post on this forum and we hope that someone can advise us on what the issue is with our Alphard. It has started to vibrate whilst driving and also while stationary. We fitted new spark plugs, new battery and reprogrammed it but the issue still persists. No warning lights coming up on the dash. Car will not accelerate past 50mph. 


Does anybody on here have any experience with a similar problem??


Many thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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Hello Maiklas,


Welcome to the Forum.


Are all your warning lights on before you start the car ?


Are your oil and water levels correct ?

Any puddles under the car overnight ?


Any white 'smoke' steam coming from the exhaust after the engine is fully warmed up?


Sounds like the car may be in 'Limp Mode' if you can't go beyond 50.


I would not drive it unless absolutely necessary.


Maybe you should consider a mobile mechanic, with an OBD2, to run some diagnostics.



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