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Recommend a mechanic in east London, specialising in Alphard hybrid

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Hi Rojie, Thanks for warm welcome.

Well here's my story so far...

My 2006 Hybrid Alphard was faultless for 7 months. Then whilst driving,  on the dashboard 3 warning lights appeared, RED CAR WITH EXCLAMATION, Amber brake system and VSC.

This resulted in my car behaving very peculiar I.e engine would stop whilst driving! Or would not start altogether. Also there was no regeneration of HV battery when the did start intermittently. Apparently this is a common issue,  so as advised I checked tyre pressure, fuel cap etc but no joy. 

The AA did diagnostics but with limited info. They did recover me to local Hybrid "specialist" that opened up another chapter! Will keep you posted shortly.......



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But since I'm not an expert, I reluctantly agreed to have them replaced at a cost of a small fortune (£1500), after all you can't argue with a diagnosis or can you?!




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I was over the moon to see my car back after 2 days with new HV batteries. I thought to myself, I need to go and explore the whole coastline of Britain,  I deserve it BUT this dream was short lived! I drove for 10 miles without any issue, then the RED CAR WITH EXCLAMATION light returned..AHHHHHHH!

Back at the Hybrid specialist, they hooked it up for diagnostics and lo behold an Error code, they cleared it, but it generated another Error code and another 😳.

Perhaps now you can empathise with me🥺,  I really need to find a Hybrid mechanic who is passionate about these car's.

Everybody🙏 please give this matter your undivided attention.

Thanking you in advance 






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Your P3056 code relates to the sensors on each of the 15 battery blocks ( 30 cells total )


Would appear they are snapped/ open and the car can not see all the voltages.


Most likely corrosion in the wiring harness, and/or the battery ecu due to this corrosion traveling down the harness 


Inverter malfunction may be a cooling issue, check the pump change the coolant

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