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What is this please.

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3 hours ago, Ian24 said:

Hi all, does any of you lovely people know what this is for?



Is it probably your rear fog light switch.

Test it. Make sure your lights are on when you do.


Lots of Alphards received modifications / personalisations in Japan.

So I guess it could be anything !


Good Luck.


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19 minutes ago, Ian24 said:

All sorted. It's linked to the head unit to fool it into playing a dvd when park break is off.👍🐉


Hi Ian,


Should not be necessary, but why not. Is yours Gen 1 or Gen 2 ?

I don't have one (on my Gen1 facelift) and my DVD works fine.

I'll check mine because I don't always put the foot brake on.

It is best practice to use it, but auto gearboxes have a locking pin that locks the transmission.

The gear shift does need to be in Park though.


Glad it's sorted.

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Hello again,


Just to be clear about this, less ambiguous.


The DVD player will still operate correctly.

I play my concert DVDs whilst driving.

They work fine, if you don't want to skip tracks etc..


But you cannot watch them while the parking foot brake is not in the park position.

I am struggling to understand why you would want to, and the Traffic Police .....


Hope I have not confused anyone !

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Hi Rojie,not confused. I just didn't know what this was. Now I know. I will not be using the dvd or original head unit. Changing mine next week, all I needed was to use the power from that switch .😎happy trails peep's.🐉

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Miss spelt
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