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Automatic lights

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2 hours ago, Ian24 said:

Hi all, I've a series 20 and does anyone know how to adjust the sensitivity of the automatic headlights, if it's possible.many thanks Ian24.


Hi Ian,


If you mean delay time, there is another thread just started.

Please switch to that one.

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2 hours ago, Ian24 said:

No Rojie, it's the auto lights. They only come on when it's really dark. I want them to be coming on earlier in the evening.


Maybe if you are prepared to mess around with an OBD2 device.


My guess is, there is a law somewhere that specifies at what light intensity they must come on.

Which, if true, does not mean you can't adjust them to be on earlier.

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Ian, if you have a working obd bluetooth adaptor you can use 'car scanner' app to adjust the external light level at which the headlamps come on and go back off (also the delay to prevent them flashng on and off when you go through short tunnels.



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