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Crazy Apple TV Project - Blown a fuse!

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I found this under the passenger seat which is the old TV Tuner for the Head Unit which is still present in my Alphard...  It got me thinking, what if I reuse the inputs for something else?




I have rewired an Apple TV (4th Gen) to run on 12 Volts and will output it through an HDMI converter back to the existing head-unit from the Red/White/Yellow cable under the passenger seat.  During testing this worked with an external 12 volt supply to the Apple TV.




The next step was to draw power from the vehicle, so I repurposed the power from the Clarion unit by using an ATX power supply extender and splicing the cables.  Unfortunately during testing I have tripped a fuse, as I have lost power to this feed and I'm damned if I can find it.


The power was coming from a cable under the passenger seat and was originally supplying this Clarion TV Unit.  I believe in some Alphards with the Theatre Sound there is also an Amp located in this area.


Obviously if I need to pull 12 volts from the centre console that is an option but it would make sense to find and replace the fuse feeding this cable.


Does anyone know the likely location and value of the fuse I should be looking for?  


Any help would be much appreciated.


The location of the micro fuses on the passenger side of the cab is obviously some kind of sick joke.

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Did you get any further with this project? Ive the 2011 with theatre and love the features on my original head unit and system but want a video input to the front screen but allowing rear etnertainment to still be split off if possible. They dont half make things hard work on the sound systems :)

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