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These AH10 wheels in solid piano black, or done black then diamond cut on the face?

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They have a few scuffs so I'm getting them refurbished and I have the choice of all black, or they can do them black and then re-diamond cut them and just leaving the black on the reliefs. I think that would look quite tidy but also wondering how they'll look all black.

What do you think would look better?


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That's it in for the job. Going all black with the option to get them diamond cut at a later date if I'm not happy. 

The firm doing it is run by a bloke that moved here from Australia a few years ago and he's worked on lots of Alphies back there. Says they are renowned for having 'Japanese Butter Bolts' that shear off easily if the correct torque isn't done accurately. 

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20 minutes ago, Trx said:

Very nice now I need to get mine done.

Thanks. You got the same style wheels? Dropped off at 9am and all done for 3.30pm, great service. 

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No mine are 19s, chromed spoked Japanese after market ones but the last owner left some of the chrome in Japan must have high kerbs over there.

There are some pics in my introduction post.

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On 5/30/2022 at 4:10 PM, OldWellhouse said:

Forgot to take photo before parking in the tight driveway so full van image will need to wait.

I think they look very good.



Looking very nice, very nice indeed….

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