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I have just picked up a new Vellfire and wanted to say that the dealer at this site is excellent. No hard sell, he let the car do the talking. Had a great selection to chose from. 


Cars are advertised on Ebay, Autotrader , RAC cars and Parkers.

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I did not have such a great experience afterwards. Yes nice guy but stuff i can see was patched up. 


Bodged detailing, after a few washes you can see where they had tried to machine polished and messed up the paintwork (Car is black) A real mess.  Going to cost me £300 to have a 2-stage detail to get it back to normal paint. On the day i went to see the car, it had silicon product on it to hide these swirl marks.


Missing spare wheel, that was £80 to get a used one


Compromised suspension part, somehow did not fail the MOT or even an Advisory so had to find a new one and replace it. Beats me how that got through the MOT


Supposed oil change but the oil was almost black after 2k, with these engines they are supposed to stay golden with the right oil. I think they used Mazola for oil :D . So i had to have a service on the car to ensure right oil was used. Now have piece of mind.


only 1 key, promised to find another but never heard anything else ...so another £80 plus programming costs


Only thing i can suggest it get a proper oil change done with filter. With a premium oil and filter. I would say this for any dealership purchase, its ok to get the old oil out and add cheap oil but if you want to stick 10k on the car then make sure you do it with premium oil.


This could of been with any dealer though. So best do the proper checks.


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