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Doorwell lights, how can i turn off

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Hi Guys,

Im looking to be able to disable the front footwell lights when the side door is open.

Ive looked at trying to remove the bulbs, but they look permanantly fixed to the wire ?

We are trying to journey off grid, but feel the lights are draining the Leisure Battery.

Anyone any ideas....


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Not sure if same as 20 series, but, on my older Regius, you could undo the single bolt on the door plunger switch which turned on the courtesy lights (and the door open chimes) the bolt is what made the ground connection, so the door is not detected as open

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Thanks Chris, managed to locate the same 'plunger' and have now disconnected, so lights no longer activate when door opens.

Thinking this will save a lot of unnecessary draining of the battery.


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