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radio replacement for Toyota Alphard 2004


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We have just taken delivery of our 2004 2.4 Alphard campervan conversion and the radio is still the original japanese. It has all sorts of features wired in like parking cameras and lane control but although they said it would now receive UK radio (because they added some simple  feature) we can only get Radio 2 and being Radio 4 addicts this is a dissapointment. We were told if we change it to a UK system (which he is willing to do FOC) we would lose the parking cameras. What advice would you give so we can retain that feature - can you recommend a radio/CD player that could replace the japanese one - or perhaps point us in the direction to find out what our options might be. Thanks

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I've recently taken imported a similar age hybrid, and am in a somewhat similar situation to yourself, but with the additional complication of needing the original functionality in the head unit for all the Hybrid malarky.


There are definitely plenty of Android head units that you should be able to hook in at least to the reversing camera and wire in to the rest of the existing controls etc.


Alternatively, if you don't mind the Japanese, you could drop in a band expander and get your favourite FM stations on the existing head unit - 



Or if better bluetooth etc is more your thing, the route I'll probably be going down is an add-on for Android Auto/Apple CarPlay such as this (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SUNE-TECH-Universal-Apple-Carplay-Android-Auto-Box-with-USB-player-Music/293026393698), though I'll first be seeing if I can homebrew it using a Raspberry PI and the Video In on the center console.

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I purchased a car navigation and entertainment system from Ebay around £210 and had a local auto electrician install later June 19, works brilliant and blue tooth for calls. Had to add aerial to roof but used VW van unit as none around at time for Alphard import. Works brilliant.

Good luck and enjoy

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