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Toyota engine codes ending with -FE are safe to use E10.


If you regularly drive the vehicle and allow the tank to get low, you should be fine.


There is a minor performance hit which will reduce your MPG over E5 fuel, so the cost difference starts to become negligable.


If you can afford the slightly more expensive E5, keep using that, I think the main issue is if you keep swapping back and forth, as the ECU needs to relearn trim levels and feed rates, which means each time you change fuel type you will get lower MPG for a portion of the tank while it relearns.

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Is this thread duplicated?

I feel sure I answered it already ! Copy below.


Hello Andy,


Welcome to the Forum.


There is a long thread on this subject within this Forum.


It is a contentious subject, as you will read.


Yes it can, but many of us run mixed fuel, E5 and E10, or just E5.


Interestingly, many owners note that their economy is better with E5.

Others are perfectly happy with E10.


In the end, it's your choice.

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