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New owner... Nearly.. Leisure battery


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2 hours ago, Notabongo said:

Is it a neccisity with a conversion? 


Hello Mark,


Welcome to the Forum.


No, but if you want to run lights, fans, cool boxes, radios, TVs etc when stationary and be able to start the engine in the morning!

Where to put it can be a bit tricky.


They are not expensive to install.

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21 minutes ago, Notabongo said:

So u need split relay and leisure battery for the job then 


At its simplest. Yes.


You need to think very carefully about your conversion if DIY.

What will you use the vehicle for?

They are so versatile.

If getting a professional to do the work you can discuss it with them.

If you use campsites an EHU is very useful.

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19 hours ago, Notabongo said:

Thinking of a EHU 15 metre extension with rcd and usbs on it for sites 


Sounds good.


I have a battery charger hooked up to the leisure battery, so if I am on EHU I am also charging my leisure battery.

15m should be long enough, I have 25m. 2.5mm. I have red some campsites are not happy with 1.5mm.

Other members will say they have never had any trouble with 1.5mm


I have read, on this Forum, that 15m can be too short at some camp sites !

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