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Where in NW (england) area can we get our radio/dvd sorted?

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That is one sci-fi looking head unit.


You will probably need a convertor to find UK radio stations. You will probably have to get an adaptor for the reversing camera, it has a 6v feed that normally comes from the original head unit, it's probably not been fitted. As regards to the rear screen, this you may have to just give up with.

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Just had new head unit replaced unable to change language on old unit took it to canon in Horndean did a good job managed to keep all steering wheel controls rear camera dab radio, , DVD player etc.

Took out a ton of wiring going to all the addons on the windscreen for tv etc. happy with what I have. did not get Sat Nav no units available and to expensive will just blue tooth from phone.

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If it just that you want UK radio and not worried about a whole new unit, then you need this Car Radio FM Band Frequency Expander Converter For Japanese Car | eBay.


You need to take out the unit, unplug the radio antenna, and put this in, then tap into the power lead and there is a metal bar behind, earth it with that.


If you want a complete change, they you could go for an Android head unit, which you can have DAB radio, Reversing Camera,  Satvav, Music, Spotify, Youtube, Netflix, infact anything you want. You can get ones that will fit in the double din socket and be the same size, a double din with a larger floating screen or you can get a 9/10 inch unit that comes with a full new surround. Depending on how electrically minded you are and how much of a mess they made fitting that one, they are plug and play. They can even mirror onto the rear screen, although it is a bit of a waste of time when driving unless the kids want to watch the satnav on a journey, or only watch films when you stop.

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